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This discovery surprised everyone. Trauma to the back of the head was the only major wound on the body of the deceased. It was obviously the cause of death. After six years, the murderer had actually used another method of murder.

Peng Sijue supported the deceased's head and observed calmly. Then he pried open the lips of the deceased. Generally, if the back of the head had suffered a huge impact, there would be bleeding in the mouth and nasal cavity. Only the deceased's teeth were covered with blood.

He poked the teeth with a latex-gloved hand, and found that her front teeth were loose. He asked his subordinates for an iron ruler.

He pried apart the victim’s top and bottom teeth with the iron rule. "Several teeth are loose and there’s wear on the teeth. There are spots of bleeding on the gums... Someone has pried her mouth open before."

Then he shone a flashlight inside the victim’s mouth. Chen Shi also looked aside. Chen Shi saw clearly that the dead person's oral mucosa had been damaged. It seemed that a hard object had been stuffed roughly inside previously.

"Did he pry open her mouth to look for something?" Chen Shi speculated.


Everyone lifted the body and moved it onto a tarpaulin, and then Peng Sijue cut open the deceased's clothes from the neckline. Under the dress, the deceased was naked, but there was a pressure mark on the chest that had been left by a bra. This indicated that the murderer had killed her first before stripping her and changing her into the dress.

When her clothes were cut down to the abdomen, everyone gasped. The deceased's abdomen actually had a vertical wound. Because the deceased had been lying down, there wasn’t much blood flowing out. Also, the dress itself was red, so it wasn’t noticeable from the outside.

Peng Sijue parted the wound in the abdomen and the bloody internal organs inside were visible. He was afraid that doing the examination there would contaminate the corpse, so he stopped and asked someone to bag the corpse first.


Lin Dongxue came over and checked the number on the hand of the deceased. After seeing the six bodies, she was already familiar with the string of code. The handwriting was exactly the same as before. She said, "Strange. It’s the same handwriting and the same number, but the killing method has changed."

"Maybe something unexpected happened!" Chen Shi stared at the deceased's face. "She... Have we seen her before?"

"She does look a little familiar."

"Cai Tingting!" Lin Qiupu said. Everyone's eyes fell on his face. "The second victim in 2014."

"She’s indeed very similar." Chen Shi had only seen the photos last night, so he had an impression of her.

"It's impossible that it is the same person. The body had already been cremated back then." Lin Dongxue said, "Looking closely, this person is a bit older and fatter than Cai Tingting. Could it be... Ah, I remember now. Cai Tingting was a twin. She had an olde

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