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Wu Xu continued to calmly recall, "I took her card to withdraw the money. There was over 300,000 in her card. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. I thought she would have a few million in savings after being in the industry for so long. Haii, but I guess 300,000 is 300,000. This was the first time in my life where I’d earned so much money! I didn’t let it get to my head. I just transferred the money to the card that I had previously prepared and then went back to tie up loose ends with the woman.”

"I didn’t think that Chubby Xiao would have stripped her. He wanted to have sex with her and I was speechless. This damn fatty didn't have any long-term ambition at all. If the police tested the semen, we’d all die! It was then that I started thinking that the damn fatty would be the death of me sooner or later. I may have decided to leave him behind that day. From then on, we were particularly careful. The second women-“

"What about the first victim?" Chen Shi asked.

"She was killed obviously."

"Who did it?"

Wu Xu grinned. "I did! She died with a hit to the temple. Chubby Xiao’s face was splattered with blood. He shouted at me, but I couldn’t be bothered with him! I told him to dispose of the body. I don’t care about this useless teammate. I supervised him the whole time. This guy was super useless. He kept vomiting while dismembering the corpse. He even begged me to help him halfway through. I just ignored him. He cut and chopped his way through the corpse all night before it was done. We packed the bones and took them to the outskirts to burn them. We threw the minced meat into the sewer and cleaned the scene three times. A whole person disappeared completely without any traces, as if she had evaporated."

Wu Xu smiled proudly, as if it was an achievement that no one could match.

"Do you know what I thought about at the time? I was regretful! It turned out that it was so easy to kill someone. The streets were the same the next day. No one would care about the disappearance of a prostitute. When I thought about how I tried to run away in fear after I stabbed someone over a decade ago, then getting arrested by the police, I feel like I was ridiculously stupid. If I had known that it was so simple killing and dismembering, I wouldn’t have had to go to jail."

Lin Dongxue felt a chill down her spine. Arrogance and pride were inadvertently revealed when this person recalled his killing experience, indicating that his heart had long since degenerated and he no longer held humane feelings. Killing was as easy as hunting prey for him.

Wu Xu asked for a cigarette and exhaled happily. He looked at the ceiling and continued to recall the next two crimes. The whole process was chilling.

"...I started thinking that Chubby Xiao couldn’t be kept around any longer. The stupid cunt would be the death of me sooner or later, so I had to figure out a way to make him disappear. Then, I’d blame everything on him so that the p

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