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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were watching from outside. Lin Dongxue said, "I didn't expect that there would be significant progress this year. If this case is solved just like this, I really have to go to the temple to burn some incense."

Chen Shi asked, "Do you think Yue Chao took the girl to the scene and wanted to kill her in the same way? But did he have a weapon on him?"

Xu Xiaodong said, "There wasn’t one on him or in his car. Our colleagues are searching at the scene now. He might have thrown it in some corner.”

"Who is that girl?"

"Yue Chao said that she is his girlfriend. She’s so drunk that she can't answer any questions."

Chen Shi smiled and whispered to Xu Xiaodong, "She looks pretty!" Lin Dongxue poked him, complaining, "You’re not being serious at all."

In the interrogation room, Yue Chao was still wasting time. Lin Qiupu said, "If you want to drag this out, I’ll play along. This is my job anyway, so I can keep you company no matter what.”

Yue Chao looked like he wasn’t willing to accept the situation. "You have to guarantee not to leave a stain on my records!"

"You’re still afraid of that?" Lin Qiupu flipped open a document in his hand. "Look at what you did before. When you were fighting in high school, you were punished by the school. Later, in the drama troupe, you were almost jailed for the same reason. Then you changed your jobs several times and didn’t manage to stay in any of them for a full year.”

Yue Chao admitted his defeat and asked, "You’re not suspecting that I’m the murderer, right?"

"It depends on the evidence and your testimony."

"Fuck!" Yue Chao shook his head. "Okay, okay, I’ll tell you the truth. A month ago, our classmates at the high school reunion talked about the murder of Yan Qilin. Then I heard that Zhang Jinlei went there every year on Qixi to burn paper in honor of her memory. Zhang Jinlei and I don’t get along, so I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. So, I ordered my girlfriend to put on a red dress to frighten him by acting like a ghost tonight!"

"How do you explain this pack of salt?"

"I was planning to sprinkle salt on the ground to lure him over. Then my girlfriend, who would be hiding in a corner, would come out and scare him. This is called a dramatic effect. I learned it in the troupe." Yue Chao smiled.

"That girl is your girlfriend?"


"She’s drunk like that but still needs to scare him? Do you think your statement will hold up?"

"Why should I lie to you? When she sobers up, you can just ask her. How could I be a murderer?"

"Then we’ll talk again when she’s sober!”

Lin Qiupu asked the police to come in and detain Yue Chao first. Chen Shi knew everyone's thoughts. If Yue Chao spent the night here and no new dead body appeared tomorrow, then he was most likely the suspect.

It didn’t seem like there would be results in the short-term, plus it was getting late. Chen Shi said to Lin Dongxue, "I'll head back first.

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