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At 7:00 in the evening, guests went into Huoxing Bar one after another. The boss suddenly found a man crouching behind the bar checking the whiskey bottles and asked the bartender, "Who is this?"

"Police. He said he was looking for clues. He’s been squatting down and looking at the bottles for over an hour now.”

"Oh!" The boss looked at the guy suspiciously.

Chen Shi was checking all of the fingerprints on the Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey bottles. He had asked Peng Sijue for Zhang Jinlei's fingerprint samples. When the homicide case happened six years ago, the fingerprints of all parties had been collected by the police.

Chen Shi stuck tape on all the bottles to lift off the fingerprints. He compared them with the samples and finally found a match.

He stood up and asked the bartender, "On the evening of the 7th, there was a guest who ordered a bottle of this whiskey and sat alone in the corner. Do you have an impression of him?"

"Uh, what does he look like?"

Chen Shi described him and showed Zhang Jinlei's ID photo. The bartender said, "I seem to remember him a little. He sat there from 9:00 to 12:00 and only ordered a bottle of whiskey."

"Did he finish it all?"

"He did!"

Chen Shi said deliberately, "Don't lie to me. The guest has hepatitis B. If it was given to other guests before it was finished, it would be a problem."

"I didn't lie to you. He really finished drinking all of it. There aren’t many customers who come here and order a whole bottle of whiskey. It was the bottle I collected that day."

"Thanks, I need to take this bottle away."

Chen Shi took out a bag and put the bottle in it. Instead of going home, he wandered around until 9:00 before going home.

The police’s visits didn’t bear fruit until the next afternoon. Everyone gathered in the conference room to report what they had respectively found. A policeman said, "According to a classmate of Yan Qilin, she was a girl with a good personality who usually spoke slowly and quietly. She also had high self-esteem. If she was aggrieved in any way at all, she’d cry. Her studies had always been pretty good until her third year of senior high. Her classmate said it might have been due to her romantic relationship.”

Chen Shi asked, "Was the classmate a male or female?"

"Male student. He said he shared the same table with Yan Qilin for a year."

Another policeman said, "I found out the opposite on my side. The student said that Yan Qilin was a very cunning girl. She often snitched on classmates to the teachers. She always acted pure and pitiful in front of the boys. After she got together with Zhang Jinlei, her tail stuck up towards the sky."

"I’m guessing it was a girl?"


The third policeman said, "Her form teacher said that Yan Qilin was obedient, diligent, hard-working, self-disciplined, and often helped her classmates."

It was obvious that they weren’t familiar with Yan Qilin so they’d say those thi

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