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Father Zhang took out a cigarette, lighted it, and continued, "I also considered going directly to her and giving her money. I can still afford to fork out a few hundreds of thousands of yuan, but my wife told me that this trick wouldn't work. This type of girls who haven’t suffered don’t understand the concept of money and can’t be bribed. If she told Jinlei about it, he would know that we were doing things on the sly. So we had to figure out a perfect solution.”

"My wife understands my son more. His personality is quite straightforward. If we can stain the girl’s reputation, they’d break up by themselves and everything would be fine. My wife followed her and found out that she was close to a boy who was a gangster. They did suit each other quite well..."

"Yue Chao?"

"Yes, that was the name. My wife found Yue Chao and hoped that he would break up the relationship between the girl and our son, but Yue Chao said that he couldn't help us. This girl only liked my son and she was hopelessly in love. I really don’t understand these youngsters! But this Yue Chao had an idea. He knew that there was a place where high school girls would sell themselves. He’d trick and lure the girl there, call the police and get them all arrested. If my son knew that she did that kind of thing in private, he definitely wouldn’t want to see her again."

Lin Dongxue was shocked to hear this. Chen Shi thought that this plan may not have been devised by Yue Chao. Father Zhang could be just trying to dump the blame on him.

Chen Shi asked, "The plan sounds good, but how would your son find out?"

"That was easy to handle. I contacted my friends in the media. We’d take some pictures at the scene and publish them. Then he’d find out!" When he was saying this, Father Zhang raised his eyebrows, seemingly proud of how resourceful he was.

"How did the plan play out?"

"It went quite smoothly, but I wonder if Yue Chao’s head only holds shit in it. He ran out at a critical moment and snatched her away from the police. In the end, the photos weren't able to be taken... Aiya, young people at this age are so unreliable. We had agreed that if he helped me to do this, I’d give him 200,000 as a reward."

"Mr. Zhang, now the problem has circled back to the original point. Your framing scheme went bankrupt. You may have taken extreme measures to get rid of her!"

"I didn’t! Heaven and earth conscience. How could I have killed someone?!"

"For you, your son’s ability to go to a good university was more important than anything. What’s another way to describe an extremely strong desire? Motivation for criminal activities! You have criminal motives."

"Aiya..." Father Zhang sweated anxiously. "I was so angry that I hoped that she’d be killed by a car when she went out. No, no…” Father Zhang desperately slapped his own mouth. "No, no, it’s impossible for me to kill people. I did whole-heartedly think about my son’s future, but I would never kill someone!

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