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This fitness club made people swipe a membership card when they went in and out, so it was very easily known that Little Qin left at 7:04PM that night. The second audio was issued at 8:16, leaving an interval of more than an hour in between.

Chen Shi said, "This Little Qin isn’t punctual at all. An hour ago, she said she was almost there, but she was still on the road after an hour... Even if I walk from here to the restaurant in high heels, it wouldn’t take me an hour. She must have gone somewhere else."

Lin Dongxue said, "Would you like to look for the surveillance footage nearby?"

Chen Shi opened the map on his phone and carefully checked it. He said to Xu Xiaodong, "Xiaodong, you go to the winery to question them. We’ll look for surveillance here.”

Although the shops around here were installed with surveillance cameras, they were very scattered. Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi only found two of them after a very long time. They found that Little Qin was wandering around at 7:10, seeming to be calling for a taxi.

At this time, Xu Xiaodong called, "The owner of the winery said she’s been here. Come over!"

Chen Shi said excitedly, "This way is right."

"How so?"

"From the gym to the restaurant, there’s no railroads. However, from the winery to the restaurant, you’ll pass the railway halfway... At 8:16, a train will pass through that area."

"Do you think the murderer ambushed her in advance or followed her?"

"It depends on whether the murderer knows Little Qin's course of action that night. Let’s go to the winery to inquire first.”

The two drove to the winery. The winery's surveillance footage and boss confirmed that at about 7:00 PM on August 3rd, Little Qin came here by taxi and bought a bottle of red wine. The time she left was about 8:00 PM.

Chen Shi asked the boss, "Is she a regular customer here?"

"She does count as a regular, mainly because there’s been events recently. I asked Miss Qin if she would like to come over to participate."

Seeing the boss acting a little nervous, Chen Shi smiled and asked, "Are you a regular visitor?"

"What... I don't know what you mean!"

"Don't worry, we’re not here to check this. I hope you’ll tell us everything you know."

The boss admitted with embarrassment. "Well, I did know her from that place. When I was done, I left my contact details and said that she can come over if she likes wine. I give her a 30% discount every time she comes, so she visits often."

Lin Dongxue said, "No wonder you knew who she was when we mentioned her name. It seems that she does come often."

The boss smiled in embarrassment. "I'm doing business decently. It doesn’t mean anything special. I also have a wife and children.”

"Okay, okay. We really didn't come to investigate this..." Chen Shi said, "Yes, did you notice anything abnormal when she came that day? For example, was there a suspicious person or vehicle following her?"

"Uh, when we talked about wine

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