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Chapter 507: Don't Forget Me

Over the phone, Lin Dongxue reported on the progress of the interrogation. Upon hearing it, Lin Qiupu gave Chen Shi a shocked look. Chen Shi shrugged and smiled as if to say, "My deduction was correct, right?"

It was already 7:00 in the evening. Although everyone hadn’t eaten, they weren’t hungry at all. They followed closely the progress of the case.

"Let's go. The evidence is already in place. It’s finally the time to attack directly!"

"Let’s go!"

The two returned to the interrogation room where Zhang Jinlei had already become impatient from sitting around. He said, "I want to make a call!"

Chen Shi ignored him. "We went to your residence-"

"Who permitted you to do a search?!"

Chen Shi continued to ignore him. He held up two bags of evidence. One held a mobile phone and the other held a bank card. "We found these in your drawers!"

Zhang Jinlei looked pale and kept quiet.

"The deceased's mobile phone showed that she had met a very talkative and funny boy on a dating platform before she died. The two quickly developed feelings and had met a few times. In this phone that you have secretly hidden, the same chat records could be found. Furthermore, the expenditure of this card is precisely a record of your dates and meals with the victim. But you were very smart. Your last date was seven days ago. The surveillance footage had already been overwritten. You’d also use cash to pay for dates every time and never went to places where you’d have to get your ID recorded" Chen Shi pointed at him. "You’ve used this method many times. We only need to investigate and we will certainly find out. Your family background is good, and you’re pretty handsome. You also have substance, so it’s very easy to get dates with girls. But they don’t know that the purpose of your dating them is not to socialize with them, but to kill them on Qixi!"

"Nothing to say now, right?" Lin Qiupu asked.

Zhang Jinlei slowly raised his head. The look in his eyes changed, as if he were a different person. "I killed them, but you guys were the reason for it!"

Chen Shi and Lin Qiupu folded their arms together to show that they were listening.

"After her murder, you incompetent policemen were investigating everywhere, but there was no progress. I came to you more than once to ask you about the case’s progress. The answer I always got was: 'We’re trying our best!' Whenever I see you all, you all have an expression like it had nothing to do with you and you had no feelings towards it. You can casually pick at others' scars and ask cruel questions, but once you turned your head, you’d forget about it… One day, two days, three days… One month, two months, three months, but your investigation was fruitless. You could only catch a little thief or a rapist if you got lucky. You’d flaunt yourself in the newspaper talking about how capable you all were!”

"Half a year later, I had come to look for you guys again.

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