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Chen Shi asked, "That was how you and Zhang Jinlei became enemies?"

Yue Chao nodded. "It was more than that. He actually got together with Yan Qilin after “fighting for justice" on her behalf. I fucking inadvertently became Yue Lao. Wouldn’t you say that was frustrating? Then the unfortunate thing happened to Yan Qilin and Zhang Jinlei actually came over and tried to settle things with me. He fought with me again. I have been brooding over this matter for a long time. Why did they dump everything on me? Although I have neither learning or skills, I still have my own principles. I don’t hit women, and I won’t commit crimes.”

Chen Shi said, "But you tried to get your girlfriend to pretend to be Yan Qilin's ghost to scare him. Wasn’t that a bit too much? By the way, it’s been six years, how do you know that Zhang Jinlei would hold a memorial for Yan Qilin every Qixi?"

Yue Chao grew silent again. Chen Shi took out a pack of cigarettes and handed it over. Yue Chao took it and asked, "Brother, do you have a lighter?"


"You’re so strange. You have cigarettes but not a lighter. Are you joking with me?!"

"I don't smoke. I bought these for you... Okay, let me borrow a lighter for you."

Chen Shi returned with a borrowed lighter. On the way back, he put his phone into the recording mode and put it in his pocket. Yue Chao reached out to take the lighter, but Chen Shi retracted his hand. "Answer the question first."

Yue Chao held the unlit cigarette in his mouth and didn’t speak.

Chen Shi said, "I'm not doubting you. I just want to know the truth. Although it’s been six years, the murderer who killed Yan Qilin is still at large. Don't you want to bring him to justice?"

"Of course I want that. It’s just..."

"Just what?"


Chen Shi picked up on his nervousness and panic. "Do you and Yan Qilin have a different level of relationship? Seeing how you know about Zhang Jinlei going there to mourn for her every year on Qixi, it indicates that you also went to that place. What do you go there for?"


"I’m the only one here, and two policemen are required to take down a testimony. You can tell me without worrying."

"I was very angry for some time just after I was persuaded by the school to drop out.. I often went to Yan Qilin to make "trouble" for her. She was a very introverted girl who couldn't handle my harsh words. She would cry from being so frightened. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. After leaving, I was so irritated that I wanted to find her and clarify things with her. Gradually, I... I actually fell in love with her. Fucking hell. I don’t know why either. I always wanted to see, talk to and go home with her."

When he said that, Yue Chao's eyes became a little damp. He took the lighter in Chen Shi's hand, lit the cigarette, and exhaled.

"Once, I followed her home and found out that she was from a single-parent family. Her father was always drinking and playing mahjong. Wh

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