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I am now as sick as I have ever been. [M]

Dudley Crais.

From what I hear, he had a slight fondness for Mary, whom he wanted to serve.

That seemed high and frequent violence in the Makuba family...... I can't believe this happened.


Dudley guy... I will never forgive you...!

Looking back once, Ray was sick in the distance.

If I run as hard as I can, I'm really ahead of me. But there's no sign of demons around, and Ray said, "Go ahead". I'm sorry, but I'll let speed prevail here.

Hurry, hurry...

Without knowing it, I feel my heartbeat go off.

In time, in time, in time -!!

How much did you run?

I see the village of Rastal.

There is a crowd.

Dudley and... a few swordsmen at its center. Looks like you're bringing your surroundings with you.

Kaya, the A-rank adventurer, is also about to go into arbitration, but doesn't seem to have a bad minute for the Dudleys. He stood up to the surrounding people and looked like he was not going to make it.

And - there's a noose in front of Dudley.

A faithful maid who has served me for a long time - Mary Roberto.

Maybe he got beat up.

He holds his belly and is on both knees.

"Hey, you were here, Mary."

Even from afar, I heard Dudley's hateful voice a lot.

"You're an idiot. You've been telling me that for a long time. I'm definitely better at this than I was at" Off Skills "when I didn't succeed Kensei."

".................. no. That's not true."

Even if he is beaten by the Silver Sword Saint, it should be noted that Mary does not move.

"He is a fine man. That day... he comforted me that I couldn't do anything. Same as before, in a gentle voice."


"Off Skill Holder? Pouncy? That's not what I found out."

And Mary stands up and dares confront Dudley.

"No matter how strong you are... my husband has always been Master Arios!

"Oh, my God..."

Dudley gives both fists a hateful look.

"Fine. If you say so much, I'll help you figure it out. How amazing I am...!

I won't let you.

Something to make you absolutely...!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I was screaming when I realized.

Abyss Stream. One mould.

True/divine speed no flash.


"There's something here...?

Looks like my neighbors noticed my approach, but it's too late.

I pulled out my sword and took down Dudley's fist.

"Hey, what...!

Dudley eyes wide open.

"Long time no see, Kensei candidate. What are you doing here?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Still pushing my fist in with strength, so I activate my skills.

The ability to choose, of course, is "Rewriting Attack."

Dudley's offensive power was rewritten to 1/4.

"Hey, what...? Power, you're not answering...?


While I open my eyes, I will see an extraordinary blow with one hand.

Of course, after overlapping the attack force (small) -.


Candidate for Sword Saint blows with pitiful screams.


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