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Don! and.



The carriage stopped abruptly and me and Ray climbed forward.

Quite a shock, but I'm working out. Manage to step on it and get in shape.

But that didn't seem to be the case in Ray.

- Munyu.

It's hard to say, and I open my eyes.


What is this?

When I turn my gaze aside, Ray's jaw is on my shoulder. He sat in the opposite direction, so he thought he'd stick around in my direction.

... what?

If so, maybe this feeling.

"Hey. Hey..."

With some awkwardness, I call on the princess.

"... hehe, the smell of Arios... What, eh!!

After a few seconds of inactivity, Ray undoes his posture. By way of example, is your face bright red?

"Oh, I'm sorry. You didn't like it...?

I look worried about you, Ray.

"Well...... it's okay. Me and you."

"Me and Arios are friends..."

So for some reason, Ray turns his face red again.

... but what the hell happened?

I can't believe anyone doing business in a carriage would risk their customers with a sudden stop. Something happened?

Exit the box-shaped room with that in mind.

By the way, have Ray wait inside. She doesn't want to be exposed to people as much as possible.

"Ah. Can't you get through?"

"I'm sorry. This is the guild's intention, too. If you really want to move on, I want you to cross that bridge."

"Well, isn't that as far away as you want! It'll take you three days to get to your destination!

Looks like you're rubbing something.

With the owner of the carriage... who is the adventurer? And there's more than one of you.

He's a lot better equipped than the guy I blew up earlier. I saw him as a man with arms there.

One of the adventurers noticed my appearance as soon as possible.

"Oh. Are you..."

There was some resistance, but I briefly introduced myself.

"I'm Arios Makuba. Best regards,"

"Arios...... then you"

I guess the adventurer just guessed at me for asking my name.

But I didn't make a special fool of myself, and on the contrary, I kept my head down small.

"Yuya Astray, class B adventurer."

"Class B..."

If so, it must have crossed many dead lines. Unlike the adventurers who had been involved in the Wang capital, Yuya had a strange tenderness.

So I could ask him questions with confidence. [M]

"Mr. Yuya. What do you mean you can't go through...?

"Yeah. Actually, ahead, Giant Oak shows up."

"Dj, Giant Oak...... is it"

That's just amazing.

Isn't it a designated A demon?

He's a tougher opponent than the Black Grizzly just now.

"My people are fighting for me right now... but I can't think of a war situation. I'm working with the Rastal Village Alliance, but I'm not sure yet."


Not so many adventurers can win if they consign.

Again, when it comes to Designation A, it's different in character.

"So temporarily, but they're letting us seal the road. I'm sorry about you guys,

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