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- Wow.

I look down at my own hands as I gaze at the amputated trees.

I... did I do that?

I can't get a skill called Kensei.

I was banished from the Makuba family as an Out-of-Skills Possessor.

Abyss (Ensen) stream.

It was created by the first Kensei and the genre that underpinned the Makuba stream.

The wielder ran around the battlefield in his exact haunted form, admired by his allies and feared by his enemies.

That's why it's so hard to handle.

It was considered a legendary genre that could only be used by those who reached the poles of the sword.

I could - get that power.


All this, just fine.

Earlier, Faras said he would take over power for the next generation.

I don't know the details yet, but does that mean I was chosen to succeed him?

As the strongest successor in history, it also surpasses the most powerful McBa current of our time.

When I opened the list of cheat codes, the notation "% % % $" just disappeared.

You don't know what the hell that was after all.

"Ha... Ha..."

No, you can't.

My head is getting confused.

Let's go to sleep.

At times like this, I only go to bed.

"Shh, shh..."

Back home, Ray was resting swallowed. He was dressed like an idiot, so I'll put a blanket on him for now.

"Munya... oh Arios, love it... ah"


He looks a lot happier.

What are you dreaming about? This guy.

When I was brought to the wall, I fell asleep in a seated position.

Meanwhile, around that time.

In the McBa family mansion.

"Hey... are you quitting too"

Arios' father - Lion Makuba - had a look of despair.

"Yes...... Dear Dudley, I can't keep up anymore."

"Right. I can raise my rewards more than ever, but then..."


Clearly, the servant leaves the room.

".................. ha"

One, Lion sighs.

I can't believe that Kensei and his prestigious self have such a cold attitude.

Previously, I was turned to a look of respect just because I was going through.

Not even that now...

I know what caused it.

Successor to Kensei - Dudley Crais.

I guess the inability to take an out-of-the-box attitude towards him, which is tyrannical, leads to mistrust.

I know that.

I know.

But he is a star of hope for the Makuba family. If I could leave the house, my ties to the royal family would be weakened. The tradition of Makubah, which lasts from generation to generation, ends in his own generation.

That's all we have to avoid.

- Is it time to bear it now?

Dudley should also one day realize his immaturity. Until then, I'll have to try my best.

"Mr. Lion! Hey, Mr. Lion!

The door of the room was opened to the lid.

It's Dudley.

Something's wrong. It's like I'm having tears in my eyes...

"Dudley? Hey, what's up?

"Mr. Lion's fruitful son...... what did you say his name was?

"Hmm? I just... I think it was Arios"


Oddly convin

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