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Road to the village of Rastal.

While the carriage rocked me, I was hearing shocking stories from Ray.

"Seriously... Dudley guy, do that..."

"Yeah. I think the McBa family is in trouble right now."

As a former orphan, Dudley Crais gained the skill of "Sword Saint of Silver".

He seems to be quite the problem.

First of all, the original personality sucks.

He was also a troublemaker in the orphanage, and he bullied young people all the time. I was born with a good physique, so I guess I was wondering.

The fellows who watched him at the church, they weren't going to support him otherwise. Wishes wanted it to be an off skill - one of my buddies said it was.

What Dudley got, however, was his strongest skill, Silver Sword Sage.

Perhaps, but Dudley will continue after Father like this. You must make a name for yourself as Kensei and go up to further heights.

So I was applauded for that arrogant personality.

"Father... Father hasn't said anything!?

In response to my inquiry, Ray waves a small shake.

"Yeah. Looks like it. He said he was pretending not to see it."


Pretend not to look...

I see.

Father attached more importance to his involvement with the royal family than anything else.

That's why Ray and I met, but if we return the back, Father fears more than anyone that our relationship with the royal family will be broken.

Otherwise, you won't let me go so cold. [M]

So - I don't want to abandon you.

"Silver Sword Sage," someone with rare skills...

"Right? Now you know?

He stares at me like Ray sucks. [M]

"My escort was supposed to be you. Now that I can't do that, who do you think my candidate for escort will be?


"That's why I didn't like it. It has nothing to do with off skill or anything. I'm with you...... ah"

That's all I said, Ray blushed his cheeks,

"Nah, it's nothing!

and repaired it.

"Hmm? What?

"It's okay! It's nothing!

"Oh well..."

I don't know. I got nasty, but I know exactly what's going on with the McBa family.

Honestly, it would be a lie if I told you that I had no remainder of my heart. Even then, it's my home.


I don't want to go back.

My father abandoned me and chose the orphan. Those in the Imperial Capital suddenly changed their attitude knowing that I was the owner of Outside Skills.

I'm not going back to that place.

I'm me, and I'm going to try and immerse myself in my life. It's been a world of swords. I also want to know that it's another world.

... Now, what do we do in the future?

Honestly, I thought you wouldn't mind dying like this, but Ray would never forgive you. I would like to live a positive life.


"Ray. Is there also an Adventurer's Guild in the village of Rastal?

"Huh? Yeah. It's small, but I think it did."


If so, why not just go for the adventurer?

As I mentioned, I have lived with a single sword

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