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"Hey. Arios."

I completely ignore Ray's sweet voice.

"Are you listening? Hey, hey."


I follow Tung Tung and his back, but if he turns around, he loses.

Because now there's two of us on the bed.

I really wanted to sleep separately, but I didn't ask Ray to say I didn't like him. I had trouble too, so I fell asleep in the same bed.

... though.

"You're wearing only one towel right now."

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?

"That's the problem..."

Me and Ray, take a bath with each other. Ray only wears one towel to figure out what he intends.

I'm a man for once, too.

I don't want to see Ray like that.

"You know, Ray"

Put your arms around me in a lateral, sleeping position, and I start talking to the bump.

"I am the exile of the Makuba family. You are royal. If you make a mistake... your future will be scratched."

That's right.

If she is the second princess of Arceus, and is to be liked by the king, there must be many who take the edge.

... Ray should have someone better than me.

Yet you must not make a mistake with me for losing the title of Kensei.

"So it's for Ray. I never hated you."

"For me...... well"

Ray nods small in the back.

"... but I still think that's okay. That way, I'm sure, like old times again..."


The words were truly delightful.

But... no.

No, because Ray and I are in too different positions.

"... good night then. I'm not giving up."


Not this princess at all.

I won't bend when I say it out.

Really, you haven't changed for a long time.

"Oh...... good night"

After that, I closed my eyes, too.


... I can't sleep.

Is it because of Ray right next door?

Or because you're unfamiliar with a new environment.

I'm sleepy, but I don't sleep very well. It's a pretty nasty pattern.


When I sneak out of bed, I walk out of the house.

Raw warm wind and gentle bug beeping.

I try to walk untouched as I take it. The village at night, unlike the King's capital, was silence itself.

Eventually I went out to the open place.

No trees, no buildings.

Just a place where weed spreads. Is it outside the village?

- You won't have a problem here.

I close my eyes slowly and activate my skills.


List of available cheat codes

· Increase Attack (Small)

-All use of fire attribute magic

-Visualizing the subject's health


After the battle with Giant Oak, I gained new abilities.

Its contents are completely heterogeneous to date.


I don't even know how to read it. I had trouble handling it. I don't know what's going to happen, and I'm trying to try it somewhere unpopular.

Now would be the time.

- Cheat code activated.



What is this?

My vision... is dyeing white every time.

I can't see anything...

When I realized I was somewhere else.

- Where am I?

In the

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