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That night.

Altro called me in, and I was visiting the Adventurer Alliance.

I hear the sword is complete.

Too soon, but this is why Altro was called famous. The skill "Sword Masters/Poles" allows you to create the highest quality swords at the fastest possible speed.

"... this is"

I drink and receive the sword that Altro gave me. [M]

Treasure Sword Leverty.

The sword, named by Altro, looked majestic. It is clear as ice, with a thin blue line in its center.

... Wow.

The moment I had the pattern, my body trembled slightly...

Shh, and.

When I tried to wave my sword into the void, I felt the surrounding space sway.

And only for a moment, it looks like the slashed spot has cooled rapidly...

"Or cool..."

Ray squeals about something blurry.

"Hmm. Don't look good"

Happy with how I am, I laugh when Altro falls in.

"It's Arios. If the line of the LORD is holy to the sword, so is the line of the sword master from generation to generation. Then, inevitably, we had a deep interaction with the Makuba family."


It really was.

My father, Lyon, spoke like every day. If you were Kensei, you'd be able to wield the sword that the famous master struck.

"But how long has Lord Lion lost sight of what's important? Drowned in power and honor, the important things that should be protected...... Sorry, sorry. Think of it as old man bullshit."

"No... I agree"

I still remember.

Your father's ruthless expression when he found out I had no talent. [M]

My father is strong indeed.

But I don't want to be.

"Hehe, don't still have good eyes. It also passes with the first Sword Saint, who is told by the Heritage."

"Ha... that's just horrible"

"Come again when you have good material. As a master of swords, let only the Lord of the True Sword Sage make it special."


I can't believe I'm Kensei.

That's still a lot to be afraid of too... but let's accept it now.

"Thank you...... Mr. Altro"


Altro nodded contentedly, at that moment.

"It's tough! Alliance Master!"

Suddenly, Elisa, the receptionist, ran into the room.

And it looks like crap.

Severe shortness of breath and red expression.

I guess that's all Altro guessed something about, asking with a rugged face.

"... what's the situation?

"It's a massive White Wolf outbreak! The location is near the village of Loure, and the adventurers of the Wang capital are rushing to us right now, but they say it's an unusual number...!

The village of Roure?

It's even smaller than the village of Rastal, somewhat like a settlement.

There's no Adventurer Guild, and if there's a mass of demons out there...

At a distance, the halfway point between Wang Du and the village of Rastal. That's probably why adventurers are on their way from Wang Du as well.

"Uhm. Aye, okay."

Altro calmly waves her instructions to Elisa without even moving.

"While your

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