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Suddenly, Dudley started groaning.

"Whoa, whoa!

Keep your arms wide apart or squeal. The silver aura that was clustering around him adds more size and density.

"... no"

I narrow my eyes and become more alert.

- Dudley's guy, are you finally willing to take it seriously?

Until now, the style is out of step. Looks like you were still out of hand.

"... hehe, it doesn't have to be funny"

To my whining, Dudley.


and makes me frown.

"Even I haven't taken it seriously yet. It wouldn't be so tight to end with so much whim."

"With that... I'm not serious...?

For some reason Dudley leaned down like he was only desperate for a moment, but a few seconds later, he grinned dry.

"Hehe...... Don't even think about jokes. What are you going to do about it?"

"Well, you'll see as we fight."

"Knock it off. You're a bastard who touches the question anyway..."

Dudley puts up a face or takes up the battle scene again.



He kicked the ground aggressively and rushed towards me.

That speed of cutting through the air is as if it were someone else as it were earlier.

"Whoa whoa......!

The audience cheers too.

Whether I should be glad or sad, I seem to be bleeding as a swordsman, too. I am only excited about Dudley's speed.

- Interesting.

It still has to be this way!

A sword approaches my sight.

Kin! and.

I flush it without difficulty. [M]

Dare to beat him where there was a gap.


Dudley spits and blows away.

But that doesn't end there.

He is passive and attacked again. I will take Dudley's sword without difficulty.

"is, fast......!

"That's Dear Dudley......!

"So, but... why is Arios keeping up with that speed...?

"And you're going to be able to afford it, right?

Even the audience's whining doesn't get into my consciousness.

Not yet.

I can look up more.

Kensei's, go ahead -!

When I step back a lot, I activate the skill Cheat Code Operation.


List of available cheat codes

· Increase Attack (Small)

-All use of fire attribute magic

-Visualizing the subject's health

· Target Attack Rewrite (Small)



The ability to choose is "All Use of Fire Attribute Magic".

This would be the effective choice right now.


When I stick out one arm, I concentrate my magic on the palm of my hand. I haven't trained in magic, but I kind of figured out how to use it.

"Hmm...? Hey, no way you..."

Dudley opens his eyes, but you can't miss this gap.

- Intermediate magic, flare zone.

As soon as there are as many fireballs around Dudley as there are big men.

"Huh? Huh? Magic? You're lying!?

Dudley looks confused.

Well, that's surprising.

You didn't even hear from Lion that I could use magic.

"Oh, me... are you even dreaming...? It's magic - and it's intermediate magic..."

"Are you in K

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