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Launched Dudley falls with a scream.


At that time, should I just say that I didn't hit my whole body on the ground? He absorbs the impact of the fall with his right hand and stays only on one knee.

Candidate for Sword Saint in the Bend.

Unlike a former C-class adventurer.

"Chi... damn...!

Candidate Kensei was completely angry.

"Damn, whoa, whoa! Are you kidding me! What is it now?!?

"Abyss Stream"

I answer quietly without understanding. [M]

"Once upon a time, it was a legendary fashion knitted by the first Kensei."

"Oh, the abyss stream...!?

Dudley gives a toothpick with a bloody look.

"I won't admit it! I won't admit it! I'm the strongest! I'm supposed to be the strongest man in the Silver Sword Sage!

"Oh...... right"

Dudley is really strong.

I'll admit it.

That's why I'm not alarmed.

After identifying Dudley's movements, we need to make an exact attack.


Dudley advances with a roar.

but I see movement round.

The speed itself is considerable, but the gaze is pointing straight at the orbit of the attack. This is like telling me to take it.

"Oh yeah!!

0 · 8 seconds later.

I will take the sword down without incident. [M]

... Is that it?

Is that what this is about?

Is it out of hand?

Or advanced psychological warfare?

"Ta-da! That's right! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Dudley comes in with a sword at super fast as it is.

It's still weird.

The attack is obviously too weak.

"What do you say, you pompous bastard!! I'm sure defense is all I can do!

"No... not if it's this much (...)"


"'Cause you're not serious, are you? Don't hesitate."

There's no way the Silver Sword Saint is to this extent.

I can't help but win like this.

"Ha... ha. If that's all you have to say, I'm serious!

Dudley makes a shout or punches his sword in even harder.

A blow.

Two shots.

I'll take everything.


Three shots.

Four shots.

I still take everything.

"You're kidding, right? I don't mean it at all."

"Ha... ha..."


Wait, wait, wait.

Dudley's got a pretty spicy look to it.

You're lying, right?

Are you tired?

"... Sora"

With a certain hunch, I'll try to make a foot payment for Dudley.




Strike the back of your head as hard as you can.


I knew you were playing.

I just think so.

Are you saying I'm not serious yet? [M]

Looking back at the audience, those who were so supportive of Dudley are also quiet with Singh. On the contrary - I even began to raise my voice questioning Dudley's strength.

"Oh... hey, that's not what I was thinking, is it?

"Could that sword saint candidate be so weak?

"Oh, is that so? It just seems like Arios is too strong for me."

Well, I can't help but think so.

From what I can tell, Dudley just looks like an idiot ri

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