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"When it comes to guidance, there's nothing in particular."

Kaya smiles bitterly as she walks in front of me.

"But it's quiet and there's a lot of nature... and I'm glad you like it"

"Ha. Thank you. It's okay."

So is Ray, but I've spent a lot of time in the Imperial Capital, too. I guess that's why they're worried. See if life in Rastal Village suits me...

In fact, the village is really quiet.

Whereas in the Imperial Capital people go out day and night, we are not different from anyone right now.

Is everyone stuck in the house or the original small population...... probably both. It's a fresh sight for me from the Imperial City.

On a small scale, there appear to be several facilities in the village.

Adventurer Guild.

Learning building for children.

Other, shops, etc.

But it would be good tomorrow to look around at all of them.

Gagging noise in a quiet village is not a good idea. I'm going to take care of this village. I'm going to be involved in my future.

And you're a little sleepy, to be honest.

We had a lot going on today, so we had no choice.

When I suggested that, Kaya seemed a little shameful.


I told him.

"I would have liked Mr. Arios to have handled the sword if possible...... you have no choice today"

"What? A sword hands-on?

What are you talking about?

There's nothing an A-rank adventurer can teach you.

"Yes. You were brilliant earlier. phoenix sword...... did you call it?

"No, no. Not yet compared to your father."

By the way, my father - Lion McBa's strength is s in adventurer rank conversion.

It is said that it has almost the same power as the S-rank, which is said to have only a few in the world.

"Oh, no, Kaya. I'm going to let you go today." "

Ray is the one who suddenly interrupts the conversation. And he's grabbing my arm. [M]

"No, no, what are you..."

Ray can't use his sword, can he?

What a trick.

"Honey, I'm glad there's no people around. You need to move on a little bit."

Kaya also feels frightened.

"... well, as for that anyway. Hey, Mr. Arios."

Kaya turns around and tightens her expression.

"I'm listening to you. Come on, you've had a hard time."

"... Again, did you know"

The cleric told me about "Off Skill," that day.

Though it's been about a week since then, the speed of this review is threatening. Well, she's an A-rank adventurer, and maybe she's in an easy position to access information.

"I'm sure you're sick of not succeeding Kensei... but I saw the battle earlier and thought. Mr. Arios is the swordsman we need in the days to come."


"So don't worry too much. Mr. Arios is nice enough for Mr. Arios right now."


I don't know... that's it.

You're overestimating me so much...

Yeah. But I was honestly happy.

I don't even deserve to live.

Because I really thought so.

"Yeah! I think so too!!

Ray also raises his

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