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Hey, What The Hell is This?

We decided to deal with the black grizzly’s corpse first. This thing’s materials are useful in many ways. Especially its fangs and claws, which seem to be of very high quality. If we use them as materials for swords, we can expect it to be strong and durable considerably. And then there’s the fur–which does not really provide much defense, but it’s excellent at protecting against the cold. For me, who lost my place of residence, it’s quite important to keep my body warm.

Wait, what is this…? While skinning the corpse, I found something strange–a red gemstone. It was inside its body, giving off a dull glow and an indescribable atmosphere. Well, that’s fine. I don’t know what this is, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick it off. There’s also the possibility of selling it for a high price. I’ve stripped off a whole bunch of material while thinking of my future plans.

What should I do now? Should I head to the next town as I had originally planned? It doesn’t really matter where I go, but if I think of my circumstances, it’s better to go to my parents’ home, far away from the imperial capital–a place where my bad reputation hasn’t spread yet. As I was pondering to myself, Lei suddenly said something I hadn’t thought of.

“–then why don’t we go to my mother’s hometown?”


“Well, you know… Rastahl Village!”

Rastahl Village.

Of course I know of it. Lei is not the rightful queen child, but the daughter of a woman from the village of Rastahl. Although Lei is not considered a strong candidate to succeed the throne, the emperor was very fond of her mother. That’s why she was given preferential treatment over her other half-brothers in the royal family.

“I only go there once in a while, but the people in the village are all very nice!”Waving both of her arms and opening her eyes wide while delivering an impassioned speech, she continued,“And the food is delicious! The air is clean! Well??? Not bad, right?!?!”

“All right, all right. I already get it so calm down”

How far are you going to push for Rastahl village? I’m utterly amazed by her, but it’s not a bad option though. Rastahl Village is far away from my parents’ house and I don’t have to worry about my bad publicity. Yup. It wouldn’t be a bad place to live for a short period of time.

“All right. Let’s go to…the village of Rastahl.”

“Un un!!! Let’s go, let’s gooo!”

Rei’s smile flashes brightly.

T/N: what a cutie hahaha

”…Then we’ll need a carriage. It’s too hard to walk all the way there.”

However, I need to return to the imperial capital to borrow a carriage. So what to do? Hmmm…. I don’t want to go back to the capital though. Of course they will. If they find out about my skill, they’ll send me back to the castle for sure. I don’t want to go back to the castle either. And my bad reputation as to having a miss skill will spread further. However…well, I guess it can’t be helped. If we want to go to Rustahl Villag

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