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Altro Wister.

That seems to be my grandfather's name.

He's an Alliance Master, and he's also known as the best former (...) blacksmith...


But it's still like I've seen it somewhere...

Altro opened his mouth to the lid as I handed over my old memories.

"Ouch. What a name."

"It's Arios. Arios Makuba......"

"Makuba...... Again, yes, when the Lord..."

What the fuck.

I knew I'd seen him before.

Sorry, I don't remember much...

"Ho ho ho ho," he grinned bitterly at me, wondering if Altro had even realized why.

"That's okay. I met your Lord more than ten years ago...... When the Lord was only a toddler."

"Was it...... But I kind of remember that time."

Back then, Altro should have been a renowned blacksmith in the Wang capital.

- Altro's sword is the supreme.

With that reputation, my father, Lion, used to visit Altro. Maybe that's when you met me.

But one day Altro disappeared. I've heard rumors that he's leaving the city's hustle and bustle and moving to the countryside... but I didn't know he was in this village.

"I've heard the story. It's Arios. Thank you for your hard work."


"You lions...... I've been a bad guy since then, but I didn't know I'd throw away even my real son. Poor man."

"Ha... That's okay. It's too much."

Thankfully, I am blessed with people today.

Kaya to Ray.

And then we broke up, but Yuya, the B-rank adventurer, was nice to me too.

It's a shame you couldn't be Kensei.

But at the same time, I'm starting to wonder if my life isn't so bad right now.

"Ho ho. That toddler... started to have good eyes"

Altro stroked his chin beard with joy and, once again, looked down at the material I had brought.

"I don't know. It's good to redeem, but aren't you willing to let the eagle strike your sword? Let's guarantee the best quality."


Kaya opens her eyes wide.

"Gi, are you getting hit from the Alliance Master Mizu!? Ugh, I envy you..."

I can't believe even her A-rank adventurer is stunned.

And yet, can I be the only one doing it?

"But Mr. Altro. Is that okay?

But Altro should be a long time since he stopped striking his sword.

Father says that the quality of the sword of the king's capital has been greatly reduced.

I also witnessed several times that I was sighing at Altro, who disappeared for no reason.

"Ho, that's okay. If you don't, you're going to use your powers to make things right."

"The right thing..."

"Mm-hmm. Well, let's just say we follow up on this"

Altro nodded deeply and looked at us again and said:

"Now, it's going to take a while for the sword to come up. Until then, could you kill some time somewhere?

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