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Out of the guild, we were walking near the village of Rastal.

- Nestor Forest.

Altro is home to the amazing Magic Instructor.

"Yikes! Arios, there's a weird bug!

"Hey, calm down"

"Oh no! If you're scared!

"Damn you... hey, don't hug me!

"That's... because!

He said, "Hey, it's a hit!

Ray and I keep walking in the noise.

Ray, you're surprisingly bad at bugs.

... Well.

By the way, a magic tool is a magical tool.

For example, medicines that temporarily increase various statuses by taking them are assumed to have been able to do so by applying auxiliary magic.

And a magic conductor refers to the people who develop them.

Even in the magician world, it is the person I will visit. [M]

Despite the new development of various tools, he refused various awards and is now living in hiding.

Lemia Leias.

"I'll send you a letter of introduction. Be careful, you bigoted bitch."

It's such a masterpiece to play that altro and say so far.

... Honestly, I'm a bit of a pain in the ass too.

It seems difficult not to be an amazing magic conductor to be able to analyze the "Gems of the Black" obtained at the Arceus Salvation Party.

"I can't believe you live in such a weird toko... that Lemia is definitely not a lot of people"

"Don't say bollocks......"

However, we should take action on this as soon as possible.

I don't know if I'm gonna break out on my own and call White Wolf again.

While we were having such an exchange, I could see one house. An iron building, clearly disproportionate to the forest area.

- No. Should I say even with the institute?

Lemia left the public noise and said she was still developing tools.

I don't know what the hell you're making... but I remember Altro sighing.


When I breathe in, I try to knock on the door.

"Here you are, former Kensei candidate. I've heard from Altro."


Ray opens his eyes and glances around for a moment.

But it's no use.

There are no signs of people around.

Probably - I'm monitoring this one with some kind of magic equipment and throwing voices from afar.

"Well, that's a lot calmer. Ex-Kensei candidate. Wouldn't it surprise you to see this? '

"Well... I'm still working out."

"Kuk, it's funny. This is what makes it so experimental."


I shrugged back at the parrot, at that moment.

"... Huh!

I have a feeling I'm going to pull out the treasure sword leverty and take the fight.


In a moment, a different torso sounds out.

and at the time, from an iron hut on the side, a giant armor emerged. Unfortunately, there are no creatures inside.

"Hey, hey, what's this!

Ray panics.

"Oh...... this is just amazing"

I've never seen a monster like this before.

Probably - The Magic Gear created by Remia in secret.


The giant soldier waves his sword high when he shouts f

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