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[Oh, it’s Arios!]

[He’s here! He’s here!]

[Grandma, hurry!!]


We’ve finally arrived back at Rastal village and lots of people went out to see us.


Oh by the way, we took a brief rest in the royal capital before we went on our way.

It’s been exhausting after all.


Further, aside from winning the fights against Dudley and Vanitas Roar, I was able to learn two more abilities.



List of currently available cheat codes:

– Attack Powers Up (Low)

– Fire Attribute Magic – All Use

– Visualization of Target’s Physical Abilities

– Rewriting of Target’s Attack Powers (Low)

– Absorption

★ Invulnerability (minimum)

★ Summon Ancient Weapon (1)


Er, yeah…

Just the name of these new skills definitely make me feel uneasy.


Let’s talk about Invulnerability (minimum) first.

It gives me some idea what this ability is just from its name but — If my guess came to be true then this skill would be too OP.

What a broken skill. Seriously.


Then there’s Summon Ancient Weapon (1) as well.


Now this one is kinda confusing.

What’s an ancient weapon supposed to be anyway?


I am not really familiar with the words but I think I saw them from children’s stories before.

It’s described as a familiar of a Goddess — buuuutttt….


…It can’t be… right?


If this would really allow me to summon an ancient weapon, then that would be too crazy.

The weapon’s power should be overwhelming but just the thought of being able to be in possession of this kind of destructive power is enough to raise the ends of the hairs on my skin.

I better let it lay low for a while.


Because more importantly…. I want to enjoy this brief time of peace.

Everyone waited fervently in front of the village entrance after all.


[I’ve been waiting for you…. Arios-sama.]


The first one who greeted me as she bows down her head is my own personal maid — Maeri.


[I’ve always believed in my heart that Dudley will taste defeat in Arios-sama’s hands. But that gallant figure you showed as you protected the audience… Fufu, you were so cool and dashing back then.♡]

[Haha… Thank you.]

[Then how about… the two of us, later tonight…?]

[And that’s iitttt!!!!!!!!!!]


And there comes Rei’s mighty rebuttal.

I have to give credit as well for how fast she was though. I almost didn’t see it with my eyes when she arrived in front of us.


[Fufufu, but on that note, the fight against that giant creature was indeed amazing, wasn’t it?]


Kaya then joins the conversation with a bitter smile on her face.


[An all rounder without any blind spot with full control in the battlefield with an accurate grasp… I really can’t keep up with him aside from swordsmanship…]

[No, no, no, no. It isn’t like that…]


It’s all because of and that we were able to win that easily.


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