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Duel day.

Wang Du.

The Battle Arena venue was full of spectators to the point of stifling.

"Damn...... wow"

30,000...... No, isn't there 40,000 people?

Well, given that the purpose of Sword Saint Lion is "Stigma Return," this makes sense, too. You'll want to show as many people the difference in power as possible.

And a lot of the audience seemed to be on the side of the Kensei candidate.

"Dear Dudley! Good luck -!

"Don't lose to the off-skill bastard or something -!

"Kah! Master Dudley!

"Kick my ass, Arios!

... Well, I can't help it.

Although the inhabitants of the village of Rastal would show me their understanding, the vast majority still treat me like a swelling.

It is a mistake to ask for cheer on this occasion. I only do what I can.

"Arios, come on! Don't lose!

"Arios, come on!

The occasional cheer you hear for me is around Kaya or Ray. I'm screaming for Dudley's support.

With a bitter smile at the virtue of its prestige, I stepped out of the modem and into the venue.

The light slipping out of the venue was strangely dazzling.

"Hey Arios. It's been a week."

I was greeted by Dudley Crais, who was then given the Silver Sword Saint skill.

Looks like he's been training there, too.

He wears a silver brilliance around his body, emitting a swordlike atmosphere. It just looks like it.

The inner disgust is the same.

I'm still grinning at Niyanya pointing at me.

"Kuk. I'll give you a compliment. I know how miserable it is. I've never responded to battles."

"Kah! Master Dudley!

"Kick the shit out of me like that!

Where did you find the current statement attractive, the women's voices are yellow. I have no ear problems.

When he looks into the audience, Prince Rafer sits on his seat in the upper seat. There's also the Sword Saint Lyon next door.

Ray is not there.

Seems like he's just going to support us as ordinary people by getting mixed up with the inhabitants of the village of Rastal.

"Hey, ignore me? Say something, scum."


To Dudley, who is stirring me up, I answer in half.

"Extra questions are fine. If you have a sword, throw away the clutter - didn't Leon teach you that?"

"Hmm...... He's not funny."

When Dudley squeaks his nose, he takes a boring stance.

Even a guy like that, for once, "Silver Sword Sage".

Sometimes it's quite sumptuous, and once again, the audience cheers.

... Well, shall I go too?

Dudley laughed "puffy" as he sharpened his whole consciousness and put his hands on the pattern.

"What's that setup? You forgot everything about the strongest McBa stream?

"... I told you. I don't need any extra questions."

"Shit, we're not gonna stick together until we get this far."

Where both sides stand, the referee raises one hand.

"Now I would like to start a duel between Dudley Crais and Arios McBa. Are you ready?

Both me and Dudley snort at the question.

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