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"You guys were cutting my strength... so I think you took a good spot"

In my statement, Kaya said, "No, no!" and go in.

"It didn't look that way!? I didn't catch up unilaterally!?

"No, no. No, no, no."

In fact, there was also a lot of damage accumulated on Giant Oak's right leg.

It was because of that that I was made to fall Giant Oak.

Without that, I wouldn't have been able to hit either the phoenix sword or the prominence burst. Definitely not my feat.

"Besides... Weren't you the Wizard earlier?

It's Yuya who says that with a shuddering face.

"That magic... even advanced wizards are going to have a hard time activating it... are you out of your mind?

"Uh, that's..."

There is no sound in this.

"It's your fault. Yes."

"Well, it's your fault."

You read the bar.

"I'm drawing your father's blood, ha-ha."

"Well, the McBa family is so amazing."

"Yes, it is."


Sigh yuya.

"... well, whatever. I see you're out of standard."

It kind of lifted me up a lot.

Cheat code manipulation is really strong, but I couldn't be Kensei. I just can't do it.

Then we went into Giant Oak's body disposal.

The Kayas said, "I'll give you all the material!," he said, "but just shy away. This battle is not my only feat.

In the process, I found something odd.

Red gems.

Something very similar to that found in the body of the Black Grizzly was also discovered in the body of the Giant Oak.

I'll ask Kaya and Yuya, but they say neither of them has seen anything like this.

It was a strange thing, but I'll get it just in case. It's not a bad idea to push the Kayas with something they don't know.

And when the stripping was all over, Yuya bowed her head to Kaya.

"Thank you, too, Kaya. You came all the way from the village of Rastal to support me..."

"No, that's okay. I'm not the one who did it."

That's what I say. Kaya looking at Chirali and me.


Wait a minute.

Backup from the village of Rastal? Kaya?

"Oh well."

You must have noticed my decent look, Yuya opening her mouth.

"Arios, you're going to Lastar Village, too. The traffic will be lifted, and why don't you come with me?

"Oh! Really?!?

Kaya makes her face shine.

"Arios, you're welcome! Hehe, looking forward to it!

They seem to have narrowed their distance from the inhabitants of the village of Rastal without trying.

Honestly, I was anxious.

Whether or not you are familiar with the new environment.

Then I decided to go back to the carriage and rendezvous with Kaya in the village. Kaya also seems to have kept the carriage waiting in a nearby safety zone.

"Bye. See you in the village."

"Yes, please"

At the break up, Kaya kept her head down with pepper. Don't get kind of itchy on your back when an A-rank adventurer behaves like this.

That's how we broke up.

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