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I had hair in between.

Thanks to Yuya for making the time, I was able to help Mary at her place.

I don't even want to imagine what the man in the robe was going to do like that...

Anyway, good.

If she's safe, that's all.


With my sword in my sheath, I turn my gaze to my familiar maid.

He seemed terribly tired.

My eyes have lost my vitality and my clothes are worn out. She was crying until just now, and Shizuku is telling her cheeks.

Come on. You must have had a terrible time.

"Dear Arios... how could you..."

"Feel the disturbing signs just now. I've been looking this far."

"I just said..."

Ray walks over with a bitter smile to her in an unbelievable way.

"Hehe. Arios' awesomeness didn't just start."

"............... no. I don't know what else to translate. Could you..."

At that time, it would be wise for Mary to hold her mouth.

Revealing Ray's identity in this place is not a good idea.

"Wait. I'll recover now."

Ray says so, while activating the sacred magic.

A soft glow envelops and melts Mary. Whenever the light is absorbed by Mary, her wounds heal a little too.

"Ray, can I ask for Mary?"

"Yeah, he asked me"


The screams of a man tear apart the conversation between me and Ray.

If you look forward, there's one man with a gray robe feather. Until just now, I hid it completely to my face, but it reveals an angry look because I attacked it.

By the way, earlier "Divine Speed No Flash" was an attack for restraint. I want to draw a lot of information from this guy, so I don't have trouble dying easily.

Delayed by such thoughts, the grey robe man ran his eyes even more bloody and shouted loudly.

"I heard there was a noisy little bug breaking in... Hmm. I didn't expect to disturb my pleasure by virtue of it...! Are you ready!

... You're a loud guy.

Honestly, I just want to get rid of it right away, but there are a lot of things I'd like to hear from this guy. It's fine to knock it down.

- and.

"Oh, boy. Were you here, intruder?"

"After a lot of sniffing around,"

Two signs from behind.

If you just turn your gaze towards you, there are two men wearing grey robes, just like the man who was trying to wear Mary.

... Are these swordsmen?

Everyone lowers their swords on their hips and turns their gaze on me. I don't have any gaps in my appearance.

"Hmm. You idiot. Apparently you've come to help the woman there... a summer bug that flies into the fire (Y). I didn't expect you to throw your life away on purpose."

One of the ash robes strictly says.

You seem pretty confident.

Needless to say, he would be an unafraid opponent.

"A, Arios... Dear... You don't mind about me. Run, please."

I guess you just didn't think it was a good idea. Mary squeaks in a thin voice.

I smiled at her like that.

"Never mind. Tears don't suit you..."

Take a piece of cloth out of your n

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