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"It's Arios Makuba! Your strength has been shown! Come on, come home confident!

When did you recover from fainting?

Sword Saint Lyon walks up to me with his hands clapped.

I wonder how thick the skin on the surface is. Hands all flat.

"Oh, you..."

Kaya shudders and squirms.

She's not the only one.

Ray, Yuya, Lassen... everyone had a derogatory look at Lion.

Nevertheless, Lion does not pass by willingly. I rang my hands with my pattin again. I said with a pulled smile.

"What's up, Arios! The McBa family needs your help! Come back soon, to my father!


- Not at all, when this sword saint.

I just look back, too, but I don't have the strength or strength to be angry.

When I closed my eyes slowly, I said, feeling extremely quiet.

"Sword Saint Lion. First thing you asked me out - I'm honored."

"Uhm, you bet!

"But I'm not going back. Never again."


Lion's eyes open a little.

"Say what! Kensei!? The McBa family!? That's what you've been looking for! You mean renounce it!!


I remember the faces of my people with my eyes closed. [M]

Ray, Kaya, Yuya, Mary, Altro... and Goddess Diaz to Falás.

Many have blessed me. [M]

"... ever since my parents were banished, I've always been told. A true sword. It's not just about strength, it's about being a true swordsman, combined with kindness and integrity."

"True, Sword Saint..."

"In that sense, he thinks it was meaningful that he had trained as a successor to the Makuba family. I was able to polish my sword's arms... and my inner body was polished by being banished."


"I want to continue on my path as a true sword saint. Your ancestors - like the first Kensei."

When I slowly open my eyes there, I see Lion again with a pitiful face.

"In the Makuba family right now, that's not what I can learn. That's why I'm totally out of touch with you. Never show up before me again."

".................. ugh!!

I wonder what Lion thought there.

When I drowned my eyebrows in eight letters, I came to tears in my eyes to see if it would be.

"No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait! As it is, the McBa family will be completely lost (stuck)! Without you..."

"... I told you. I'm never going back."

"Please! Go back! Come back here. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I cry in tears, but I can't do exactly what I say. Lion did too many things.

"You're in a bad mood. Mr. Lion?"

Ray admonished me about Lion. [M]

"Besides, if you were my son, you would have a fine heir, wouldn't you? That's where Pocan and I are falling - Dudley Crais."

"Les, Her Royal Highness Princess Raimira......"

"Hehe. Arios is going to have a great day with us."

Saying, Ray's got his arms tangled.

- Every time, it's a hit.

"This will be a good opportunity. Reflect on your stupidity."


When the opponent becomes royal, Lion just can't seem to argue either.

I have no choic

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