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Hey, The Princess is Following Me, but…


That’s right. This skill is totally a cheat skill. I can now use magic that I have never even studied before, and then use it to defeat a black grizzly. I don’t get it. This is pure cheating. I can use magic without even trying, what else is there to do?


A mysterious miss skill, a cheat code. This must have been the trigger for activating the magic. Come to think of it, I knew nothing about this skill. I was just shocked that the skill Iwas given wasn’t“Swordsmanship”and I didn’t even think about this cheat code skill. I thought it was just a trash skill that only increased my attack power. It’s really weird, however, when you think about it. If it only increased my physical attack power, it should just be a unique skill called “Increase Physical Attack“. No one has ever heard of a cheat code, right? What on earth is this skill? But wait, this is not the time to think about that. Figuring the logic behind my skills is good, but I also have to deal with the princess properly.

”Well, it’s been a while. Your Highness Princess Leimira.”


Leimira was not embarassed by the way she looked, even though she was a princess. She was able to make it work somehow, but I feel like there’s not an air of dignity in her.


Princess Leimira also realized her own blunder and puffed out her cheeks.

”When we’re alone, you must call me Lei, and no honorifics, either. I told you so.”

“Oh. Come to think of it, you said something like that.”


She stared at me with a smile on her face.

“…You’re still not doing it”

“Fine, fine. No honorifics.”

“Well that’s good to know.”

Princess Leimira – correction, Lei stands up with a self-satisfied look on her face.

She hasn’t changed. She still hasn’t changed for a long time. The Macba family, which has been guarding the royalty for generations, is naturally close to the royal family. I used to be a candidate for the Sword Saint, so my father once took me to greet them. At that time, I met this second princess– Leimira Ly Arceus. Perhaps because we were the same age, she and I had a good rapport. We often talked about getting married when we grow up, as was characteristic of my childhood. And even though she is a member of the royal family, she doesn’t act like one. It’s more like in terms of character, she was like a commoner. She tends to dress lightly and often went outside of palace to hide. Probably this time, she was out to relieve her sorrow or something. The current Lei is dressed so lightly that it’s hard to believe she’s a member of the royal family. You need to look closely to realize that she is the Second Princess, as she wears a hat covering. Yes, she still hasn’t changed at all. But–

“Lei. This is a nice opportunity. I wanted to tell you something.”


“Did you know? I’m not the Sword Saint. Serving as your bodyguard is unfortunately not going to be ea

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