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Mary Roberto was mourning her misfortune.

A new sword saint's inheritance, Dudley Crace.

Disgusted with him, Mary slipped out of the McBa family.

She's not the only one. Many other maids had left the Makuba family.

Nevertheless, there is no way to go to Mary.

If I insist, is it the village of Rastal?

Rumor of the wind has it that the Off Skill Holder is headed that way.

Maybe there's Arios there.

- Look, I'll give you this, so don't cry. I made it for you.

I could never forget it.

He handed me a handkerchief with a gentle look, the previous Kensei candidate.

- On that road, I was exposed to a mysterious group.

I couldn't help screaming or resisting.

Hands and feet were restrained without hesitation and brought into a mysterious place.

Neither the motive nor the identity of the group, Mary knows.


"Kukukuk, she's a good woman. It seems like it could be used in a variety of ways."


Mary was currently in custody.

Standing on the wall, hands and feet chained together.

Mary, who has no power, no longer has the power to do so.

"You were also a resident of Wang Du. Kuk, this is going to be a good ingredient."

"Oh, you..."

Mary stares softly at her opponent.

A mysterious man with a grey robe and his face completely hidden. I have witnessed several others dressed similarly.

Who the hell are these guys? Why did you take yourself?

I don't know anything.

Without knowing anything, Mary is currently in custody.

"But now let's congratulate the beautiful woman on the joy she has in front of us. Kukukuku......"

A man's hand is slowly stretched out toward Mary.

"No. Stop...!

At this time, it was still his (...) face that floated behind his brain.

Arios Makuba.

If it's gonna happen, I wanted to see him again.


What I heard was that voice I miss.

You've always cared about me for being a crybaby, the voice of a gentle man.

It's a joke.

I think of him. Not really, I didn't expect him to cause even a phantom hearing at Setouchi.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!


No, it's not.

It's not an illusion.

This nostalgic and dependable, this voice...!?

"Dear Arios!?

He is a candidate for Kensei, but possessor of Off Skills.

Everyone in Wangdu is rumoring about his fall.

But - the sword moves he showed at the next moment had the power to overwhelm even Dudley, the Sword Saint Lion.

"Abyss Stream, Divine Speed no flash!!

"No...... wowwwwwwww!!

The scream of the robe man echoed.

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