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Three days until the day of the duel.

I made sure to polish my sword's arms as best I could while doing my guild favors. I can't afford to be lazy with the current showdown against Kensei candidates.

During my request, I felt strange warmth. [M]

I don't know why.

It's like someone's protecting you for some reason, even though there's nobody around you...

Well, I don't know.

In the process, I gained strange abilities.


List of available cheat codes

· Increase Attack (Small)

-All use of fire attribute magic

-Visualizing the subject's health

· Target Attack Rewrite (Small)




Literally alone was a little incomprehensible.

I tried to use it when fighting demons, but nothing seems unusual. Maybe we'll find out in the future, but we need to investigate this.

I enjoyed my slow life in the village of Rastahl while making such a steady request.

I can't help but be too uptight. I need a moderate rest.

That's why I was currently relaxing in my bed at home. The request that was entrusted to me is over, and the sun is already completely down. There's nothing to do until Mary finishes cooking dinner.


Something tells me it's disturbing from the door, but let it go.

Are you going to be hiding with that?

I feel my gaze burst.

"Do it!

And I avoid the princess who comes in with the call.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Zdowwwwwwwwww on!

Ray clashed at Tans as he did, screaming what he deserved.

... Not at all, this princess doesn't learn either.

"Ugh. Why are you avoiding it?"

"You'd avoid that..."

It is normally fear if you are suddenly thrust.


I try to exhale in my ears at high speed in retribution.


Ray fell in with an adorable scream. Her face is bright red.

"sloppy... that's sloppy..."

"If you punish me for this, no more breaking and entering, okay?


Ray swells his cheeks with regret.

Even now, you have a different attitude than when you confronted Dudley the other day.

At that time, I still felt "Her Royal Highness".

Maybe her vegetables feel like they are now.

A long time ago, he said something like, "Royalty gets tired."

"... So, what can I do for you? It just doesn't look like I'm here for a prank."

"Phew... Arios foresees everything."

Even so, it's just a conjecture.

I've known her a long time.

"This one. I wanted to give it to Arios."


What Ray took out of his nostalgia was a piece of coloured paper.

There were colorful letters and narrow words that encouraged me.

- I'll be there for you! You must win! Kaya

- Dear Arios. I believe you, Mary.

- It's always nice! Don't let Dudley beat you! Eliza.

- A true hero! Altro

- Master Arios! Please let me support you too! Arios' Me (Servant)

- Don't put it away until it's cool with me! Mu

"Ko, this is..."

"Hehe, everyone

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