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When I realized I was in a blank space.

There's nothing around.

It's just a space of nothingness.

"Where... where...?

I squeal like that without knowing it.

I should have fought Vanita Sloa earlier. Fight with everyone, decide on Todome's blow, so...


I heard a woman from behind.

The voice - it's the same as I imagined.


"Yes.... it seems that Vanita Sloa has only regained strength with the fall"

Turning around, there's still the goddess Dies.

She was a woman with a beauty unlike anything I once saw in The Video.


"- Well done. A true sword saint, Arios Makuba."

What follows appears is a man who still looks familiar. The founder of the Makuba Stream, with an unusual style for a rough body.

It was the first Kensei, Faras Makuba.

"Hehe, this is the first time I've seen you straight away. I missed you. My descendants."


I wonder what it is.

It was a voice that felt more overwhelming tenderness than Lion and others.

"... your ancestors"

Falás scratches his back of his head itching.

"You don't have to be so hard. Even though it's been a long time, those with blood connections are one another. Call me easy."

"Take it easy..."

Hmm, that's exactly what seems scary.

'Cause it's the first Kensei, right?

Far beyond Lion, that's the legendary figure.

"Heh heh, you look just like an organt in that place of yours"

"Yeah, don't be with that lady lover!

Fallus, who can make a penetration into the gently grunting goddess.

Organt... is that the first king?

The conversation is so magnificent.

Again, does it convey my sense of misplacement? [M]

"I don't have time to talk like that."

Falás gave me his right arm when he changed his face on the lid.

"You worked so hard. You are my proud descendant - a true sword saint."

"Ha... thank you"

Me responding to a handshake while smiling bitterly.

"But I'm not the only one who could take him down. Because Ray had Kaya, Yuya had Lassen."

"Whoa. With that humility, you can still be strong. More than ever… much more."

Much more so now.


Honestly, I think my skills of cheat cord manipulation are still stretched.

Rather, it seems that current abilities are only a prelude.

You have a feeling about that.

Really, they thought it was an off skill, but it's too monstrous.

"But... are you guys okay? It seemed like something he was trying to entrust to me."

"Right. I was just about to tell you that story."

Falás tightened his expression, telling him sternly.

"Arios. I want you to be even stronger. Prepare for catastrophe."


That's not a calm word.

"The only thing we can leave behind is our minds in case of disaster. Look at the degraded version of Reincarnation."

"Ha... that's amazing. The scale is too big… I don't understand it all of a sudden"

"Well, it

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