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"Ugh, happiness...... Munya..."

After a tickling match and dinner, Ray fell asleep to fall.

I guess I'm even having a good dream.

That's a really happy look, as you said in your sleep. It is a momentum that is likely to emerge even in covetousness.


When I put the blanket back on Ray, I put the bedroom behind me. [M]

Well, I have a lot to think about.

Just like last night, I didn't feel like going to sleep right away.

Hey, because she (...) was a pleasure.


Such a girlfriend - Mary Roberto - was washing dishes around her nose. She was serving as the maid of the Makuba family so that she could go to the kitchen with an apron.

"Oh dear Arios......?

Mary turns to me and tilts her neck.

"What's wrong? You must be tired today. Please rest now."


I'm kind of sorry, I'll line up next to her.

"I knew I'd help. Exactly. It's not good to push chores all over you."

And Mary gently controls my hand when she tries to touch the plate.

"That's okay. I'm... I'm just happy that I'm doing this. Much more than when I'm serving Dudley..."


"Dear Arios. Speaking of which, there was something I wasn't able to tell you."


Mary looked straight at me again as she wiped her own hands with a handkerchief.

"The day Master Arios was given the Off Skill... I couldn't do anything. I've been looking out for you, but I don't even know how to speak to you, and I can't say anything all the time..."


"My heart is always in you, no matter what your surroundings say about Master Arios. To a reliable swordsman, who has always cared kindly for me."


And flush a muscle of Shizuku (shizuku) from both eyes, or bow your head deeply.

"... Nonetheless, I can't do anything at the Makuba family, and I'm sorry. That's... all the time, by heart..."

Oh, no.

No way.

Did she think of me so far...

I don't have any more identities.

I can't wait to lean over her shoulders. [M]

"Mary. I'm sorry. It was me who caused the trouble. [M] From now on - let's all be happy."

"Dear Arios..."

Mary's cheek stains pink.

"Hehe... sounds like a dream. I didn't know the day would come when Arios would embrace me."

And I continued with a slight hesitation.

"... that, are you and Lady Raimira already in love?

"Love? No, no, that's not it."

"Really? Okay."

Are you out of your mind that you seem just a little happy?

After a lot of hugging, Mary

"Dear Arios. Thank you."

And I grinned and groaned.

"This has cheered me up. Thank you for your hard work."

Anyway, she was still an angel, modestly.

Meanwhile, around that time.

in the royal castle of the kingdom of Arceus.

Sword Saint Lyon Makuba had his eyes slightly open.

"- Arios has taken control of the Arceus Salvation Party's Azit...?

"Hmm. Exactly."

That's what snorts, Rafer Fo Arceus.

The first

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