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On the verge of the Lions walking away, Empress Raimira held them back.

"That duel, we don't have the benefit of receiving it. I demand consideration."


To the stopping lion, Raymila lifts her hands to her waist "naturally".

"First, give Arios enough money to live for a year. And assure me that I may leave the royal castle for an even longer period of time."


Dudley makes a dumb voice.

"Les, Lady Raimira. Does that mean I will continue to spend time with Arios......?

"Yes, but something."

"But Lady Raimira is my escort."

"Yes? What is it? Could you say that again? I couldn't hear it in Bosso's voice."

"No... it's nothing..."

Raymila is clear just to be taken for granted.

Conversely, Dudley didn't seem dissatisfied, but he doesn't say anything back. I guess I was so scared of Raimira earlier.

"Her Royal Highness Princess Raimira"

Lion also has such a troubled look.

"I can vouch for the former's" currency for a year ". - but what do we do about the latter..."

"Can't you?

I'm going after Lion. [M]

"Then the duel, I wonder if I'll take it again."



Raymila looked at me unexpectedly, so I whispered in my ear.

(Well, I don't like being left alone, either.)

(hehe...... glad to hear that ♡ Arios)

Rion, being chased, had the look of a bitter bug chewed up, but a few seconds later, he muttered like he'd given up.

"... I understand. Let's hang on to His Highness Rafer."

"Oh. Nice to meet you"

After such an exchange, Lion and Dudley left.

Either way, the settlement day is a week from now.

"Battle Arena Venue" in Wangdu.

In front of a lot of people watching, me and Dudley are going to have a serious fight.

For me to be me, to cut the edge with my parents - I can't lose here.

"It's all right, Mr. Arios."

That's what you told me, Kaya, an A-rank adventurer.

"I've thought about it since I first met you. Mr. Arios is the true sword saint... the one who needs it in the days to come. So don't be afraid to notice. I'll be there for you."

It was so warm of you to hold my hands.

After being banished from my parents' house, I feel more like I'm getting a taste of people's warmth.

"Thank you. He's a candidate for Kensei. Don't be alarmed."

"hehe, yes ♡"

Kaya with a full smile.

"So... when the duel is over, I'm just wondering if you two would like to go out for a moment... are you sure?

"Yeah......? I don't mind..."

"Hey Kaya! What are you talking about?

Raymila Li Arceus - again, my childhood friend Ray.

"When the battle is over, I'm going on a date first! No kaya!

"Why not! You're royal, so refrain more!

"Hmm. That's okay. That's okay!

Ray and Kaya start making noise as they are Peach Kupertik.

What's with the spark?

I don't know.

"Ho. Hot guys are hard."

Altro, the guild master, is also smiling bitterly.

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