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Hey, my Outlier Skills are Suddenly Too OP

Goodbye Father, Mother.

No one responded to my muttering.

The Macba family and its mansion.

As our family is connected to the royalty, our house was quite grand. It can even be compared to that of high nobles. Since I grew up in this house, I’ve had my fair share of hardships with everyone. Even the servants were close to me, but there was no one to see me off. Once again, I was confronted with the harshness of reality. I was just being doted on because I was the son of a great swordsman. It’s already enough for me to have fun times with them.

“The son of the Sword Saint was a deviant skill holder.”The news seemed to spread quickly and the eyes of passersby hurt. I did my best to suppress a surge of emotion and left the area around the house immediately, but there was no place to go. I couldn’t bear anymore the way they look at me at this town.

For now, I’ll try to go to the next town. It’s a bit far, but it’s nothing to worry about. I’ll just be subject to ill treatment again when I return home anyway, and I’d rather die in the wild than experience it again. Thinking about things while walking on the grassland, I heard something. And then–


I encountered a swarm of demons – red wolves. They have red fur covering their body and are swift on their feet. Moreover, they spit out small fireballs, so those who are not used to fighting them will have a hard time, but…


The Macba Sword Style.

Flashes of red trails the ground.

By the time I drew my sword and then sheathed it, all the Red Wolves had been cut to pieces. There isn’t a single living demon in sight. I have completely annihilited them. Even though I hold an Outlier Skill, I’m still competent enough to have been trained by the Sword Saint all these years. A demon of this level is nothing to sneeze at.

This is pathetic. It brings tears to my eyes. I always had a talent for the sword, and I worked hard to hone my sword skills, yet this is the result.

However, something feels strange. This area is in the middle of the street, a place where streetlights are lined up at regular intervals in order to drive off demons. I don’t know if it’s a strong demon, but it’s impossible for a red wolf to be wandering around near the street.


It was then that I heard a scream– a woman’s voice, and it sounded familiar. If my instincts are correct, then this voice belongs to–

When I came to my senses, I had started running. Since our family has strong ties to royalty, and because it has always been drilled into me as“The Successor of the Macba Family”, I always have to come to their rescue whenever a crisis occurs. When I saw someone in the dense area of trees, I knew that she was there.

Leimira Ly Arceus. She was the second princess of the Arceus Kingdom. The one in front of her was another demon, a creature that looks like a black grizzly. It is an extremely ferocious de

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