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Giant oak spreads both arms and roars (like this).

It's still a hell of a pressure.

The surrounding trees, the flowers, the space - is greatly distorted.

Because of the attack earlier, it looks like Giant Oak's target switched to me. Kaya, who is on his way to rescue his people, looks down on me.


I lay my sword silently. [M]

Exactly, a serious battle for your life.

It's not like special training with your father.

But - an earlier attack allowed me to push down the Giant Oak. It should never be the right person.

"... yes"

Speaking of which, you just learned some strange abilities.

Activate the skill Cheat Code Operation and open the Competency List.


List of available cheat codes

· Increase Attack (Small)

-All use of fire attribute magic

-Visualizing the subject's health


visualization of the subject's health.

I can somehow predict the effect, but it will be now when I use it.

We must do everything we can against the demons of Designation A.

- Capability activated.

- Visualization of the subject's health.

In a moment, my vision changed.

An elongated gauge appeared over the head of the giant oak.

Giant oak isn't the only one.

Similar gauges have emerged over the heads of Kaya, Yuya and the wounded adventurers.

But only the injured adventurer looked different all the time. The perimeter of the gauge is flashing red and only a few gauges remain.

"Look, are you okay? Hold on!

Kaya makes such an adventurer drink potion. It's not as immediate as Elixir's, but it's a medicine that heals the scratches one by one.

Then the gauge of the adventurer grows.

"... I see, that's what you mean after all"


- That is, the amount of life left.

Sounds like the ability to visualize it, as I thought.


"Ha... What's" It's time to settle "..."

The Giant Oak gauge is still there. This may have been less than the first, but we still have a lot of health left.

Then you can't be more alarmed. We have to hit it with all our strength.



Huge object - Giant oak detected.

Show accumulated damage by site?



Accumulated damage by site?

What's this all about?

I just didn't understand it, but for now I think of it as "displaying" in my brain.

At the next moment, an earlier gauge occurred across multiple pieces.

They all look like giant oaks to me. Face, right arm, left arm, right foot, left foot, etc... that means the gauge appears to be displayed according to the body parts.

In it, there's one thing that catches my eye.

Only the right foot gauge is flashing red. Prolonged battles with A-rank adventurers must have caused a lot of damage here.

"... hey, let's go for it"


But not long before I make my move, the Giant Oak swing attack.

That's just the demon of Designation A, who

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