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"Hehe, if you want to surrender, now is the time? It's okay."

"It's okay. Let's fight for real."

at the exam venue.

Me and my old man were on their way.

I carry my sword, and my old man raises his sword.

My old man and I were watching each other as we kept our distance there.

"... hey kid. How do you feel now?


"For the sake of Kensei's son," The Possessor of Outside Skills. "Besides, orphans take the role...... Puppy, gibberish, ha-ha-ha! If I were you, I'd be ashamed and choose death!

"Oh, really..."

He has been a noisy man since before the battle. Honestly, it's pretty full of gaps, but you're probably hiding your true strength. Kaya also said "The Strongest Swordsman".

Let's do this on the front door - let's get started.

When I fall back slowly, I attach my hand to the sword pattern.

Sharpened all nerves.

Focused to the extreme.

Right now, my skin was feeling everything.

Of course, I won't forget to activate the Attack Up (Small). Because I'm not the kind of person who gets out of hand.


Kaya whistles.

"Hey, what's up with you? Fuck you."

The opposing old man had pulled a few steps.

"I know you're strong. But... don't get out of hand. Please."

Anyway, I just learned the most powerful genre.

I want to see how far I can go...

If the strongest swordsman is his opponent, he should be able to wave his sword fully.

"Ha! Don't be so mean to me, Zako."

Old man distorting his mouth.

"Fine... if you're so dead, don't hesitate to smash him!

Spit out, the old man rushes out.

- But it's too late.

What the hell is that?

Obviously, it's weird.

It's a good battle with Red Wolf.

Are you still out of your hands? And it's too cluttered.

My old man then waves down his big sword, but I could afford to take it.

Kickin '!

Metal sounds dance around.

"Wow. We'll do it. You've got the best wave attack I've ever had."

Hey, the name of the move stays the same.

"... you know, seniors. I told you I didn't need any help. I've been training for you, too, and I mean it better, right?

"Hey, what...?


When I was forced to shake off my sword, I was forced to play my old man's sword. We want to distance ourselves from each other and re-compartmentalize here.

... but.


What the hell is going on?

That's all the old man blows big and crashes against the wall.

"... what are you doing"

"Kuha, ho ho ho!

I'm so swallowing it.

"What's the matter? Let's fight for real. This won't be an exam."

Probably the purpose of the exam is to gauge my strength.

But wouldn't that happen with this kind of thing?

"Kuku, Kake...... Ha ha!!!

Suddenly laughing old man.

"You stupid bastards! You made me mean it! Don't regret it, you idiot!

I see.

Looks like you were still out of hand.

That this is finally going to be a decent game.

When I

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