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Mysterious Azito, found in the underground part of the meadow.

From the atmosphere that drifts from the inside, it is no longer an ordinary interrogation. I feel the air itself is thin and dirty.

If I wanted to, I could activate cheat code manipulation and use fire attribute magic to make wood dust.

But for one thing, I'll refrain from doing that.

It's no better to magically wipe everything out than to know what's inside.

That's why we were currently on guard in the midst of the Aegis.

"This is... this is an awkward atmosphere..."

Looking around, Yuya says with a soothing look.

"Besides, I can't believe I had an aside in a place like this... Mr. Arios, you may have made an amazing discovery."

"Ha... is that right"

"Yeah. At least, as a newbie adventurer, it's too big a deal"

Wow great find.

It could indeed be.

But this isn't all over.

You can never be more alarmed than you don't know what's lurking in the depths.


I narrowed my eyes.

There is something (...).

It looks familiar and I miss something somewhere.

"Arios? What's the matter with you?

In response to the inquiry, I point to the ground a few meters away.

"There. Can you see anything?

"Huh... ha, handkerchief...?

That's right.

That's a handkerchief.

That's not just a handkerchief either.

When I used to live in the Makuba family, I gave it to a maid I was close to.

I even wanted to help the child, who was a crybaby, and gave him a sewn handkerchief in the maid's name.


When I pick it up silently, it gets thinly dirty and I flip it over.

Here's what it said there.


"Mary, what..."

Ray peers into the handkerchief, eyes wide open.

"Aren't you the maid of the Makuba family......!? How could that kid's handkerchief...?

"I don't know. But..."

I have a bad feeling.

Oh, come on. It's about her.

I hope you're not involved in a disturbing case...

"Wow, wow, wow!"

It was then that the voice of the beast was heard.

If you look aside, once again, there are a few white wolves. He drools from his mouth and comes all the way over here to feed us.

"... also appeared suddenly"

Until a few seconds ago, I didn't even feel any dust on the sign of White Wolf.

That it suddenly appeared again.

"That's definite. There's still something lurking here (...)"

I draw my sword silently. [M]

And he dropped his back, and he set up a battle.

"No. Wait, Arios."

Yuya slapped me on the shoulder.

"I'll take this place. You go first."


"Hehe, you may have forgotten, but I'm also a b-rank adventurer. Let's get over it."

Yuya laughing with a resolute look.

But - even he must know.

If you look at the current state of affairs, where demons suddenly appear, the enemy is not just the current White Wolf. Just like earlier, it may appear infinitely again.

That's why fighting White Wol

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