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The battle was in good shape.

Ask Ray and the Kayas to play an offensive role while I defend everyone in Absorption.

... I think Lion was blown away by Vanita Sloa on the way, but yeah, let's just not see that one.

Assuming it's Kensei, it won't be a problem.

Because of that ambush, I lost an important chance to attack.

While I was aware of my own bad personality, only then was I allowed to de-absorb.


St. Lion the Sword loses his mind next to Dudley, also remaining tucked against the wall.

I haven't expected anything from the start, but it won't count as a force of war.

Vanita Sloa can only be defeated by us.


Vanita Sloa pointing her crimson eyes and giving her a roar of anger (like this).

Let him do his whole body as it is, and he will emit countless blackflames. Of course, I use Absorption, so all of it hits me.


Ray screams at me worryingly, but I don't have a problem with this.

While dealing with flames with the Treasure Sword Lebertie, I use one of my abilities, Visualizing the Subject's Health.

And toward Lassen, who was nearest, he shouted.

"Lassen! Left foot! Aim for my left leg!

"For Master Arios. Eeee! Mmm!"

Lassen boldly shakes off the great sword he carries as he advances.

Though a C-Class Adventurer, you shouldn't be able to fool around with the power of the Great Sword, which has quadrupled its attack power.


Vanitasloa screams and leans back. More chances to attack.

"Scared again...?

"There has been a series of fright since just now... but Mr. Arios seems to know this will happen..."

Again I raise my voice toward Yuya and Kaya, who mutter to each of them.

"Both of you, now give me your right leg! Please!

"Ri, roger!

"I'll go!

Now the two of us slash Vanitasloa's right leg. That's just the B-rank and A-rank adventurers, with no gaps.

- Zdon, and.

Vanita Sloa, who cut the gauge on her right leg, collapses on the spot.

Not yet!

When I extinguish all the black flames, I rush toward Vanita Sloa.


Next in line is Ray.

You have always been familiar with me as a princess. [M]

"I'm coming too! So -!"

"Oh. Please!!


Ray glowed his right arm and dared to sacred magic toward Vanita Sloa.

A number of light muscles strike Vanita Sloa from the sky. It's only an attack that's enhancing, so it's not going to be a lot of damage. But still, he played a part in sealing Vanita Sloa's move to get up.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Running, I concentrate all of my consciousness on the sword.

I wonder what it is.

It's like wrapped up in a hint of warmth again. It's like the first Sword Saint Faras is rooting for me next door.

- Be a true sword saint, Arios.

I felt I had reached a new frontier in the words I heard in my brain.

Abyss stream, one type.

True/divine speed no flash.

My power was engraved on Vanita Sloa.

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