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Arriving in the village of Rastal, we received a generous welcome from Altro, the Alliance Master.

Looks like the Arceus Salvation Party thing was in his ear, too.

Witnessed our return and greeted us at a speed that didn't seem like an old body.

As a resident of the village of Rastal, I also have a high nose.

The Lord is the true sword saint.


By the way, it seems the official reward from the Alliance will be tomorrow. Well, you don't have a choice. Even though the incident itself was irregular in the first place, it was late at night.

I told her I was visiting the guild tomorrow morning, and then I decided to go home.

By the way, home is Ray's mother's home. The person in question has already died, but he didn't demolish it, and he leaves it there. I'm sure it would be a villager's consideration.


I was sitting on the edge of my bed thinking about today.

White Wolf.

Components of the Arceus Salvation Party.

There were a lot of fights, but in the process, we got things that were usually impossible.

That's - the Black Gem I have in one hand right now.

The constituents had summoned the demons with this. From the space where there was nothing, as if we had let it be even a metastasis.

There is nothing more to it than having a power that has strayed from its normal course.

Where the hell did you get this stuff from?

And... when it comes to powers that go off track, that's not all I care about.


List of available cheat codes

· Increase Attack (Small)

-All use of fire attribute magic

-Visualizing the subject's health

Target Attack Rewrite (Small)


Target Attack Rewrite (Small).

It's the ability you got after the battle ahead.

I somehow guess what it means from the ability name... but if you're right, this is nothing more than a power that jumped through common sense.

I'd actually like to try it, but of course, now is not the time to use it. If you get in trouble, you'll get in trouble.

Let's just get some rest tonight.

"There's a gap!


I can't seem to.

I lightly avoid Ray diving into bed. [M] Happiness or unhappiness, Abyss Stream seems to be useful even here.


Ray pointing his lips in dissatisfaction.

"Ariosu, why are you avoiding it?"

"You'd avoid that..."

It hurts when I bump into you.

".................. J"

Sharpen your gaze like a demon aiming for prey as it is, Ray.


"Yes do it!

I'll avoid jumping Ray again.


Come on.



"Ha... ha... No more. Don't be serious."

"I often say I'm serious..."

This is, well, that's it.

It's a "tickle" attack she's good at.

I used to get hit a lot, but over time, I used to avoid it a lot. Well, that's all that's made a difference in physical ability.

... right.

"Ray, I'm not a candidate for escort right now, I'm simply deported from t

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