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By the advent of Sword Saint Lyon, Dudley ran to either be or defend himself.

"Li, Mr. Lion! Listen to me! They're all making fun of me!

"Dudley, calm down."

Speaking in a quiet voice, Sword Saint Lion gripped Dudley's back of the head and forced him to bow his head.

and at the same time bow your head and apologize to Raymila first.

"Her Royal Highness Princess Raimira. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our son this time. I'll tell you later about this..."

What a fatherly, loss-oriented behavior. As a McBa family, I guess you want to emphasize your relationship with royalty first.


Raimira Li Arceus arms up and looks down at Sword Saint Lion.

"Mr. Lion. Your reputation, you've obviously lost it lately. At the end of the quote, isn't this part of my son... too saggy?

"I don't have any words to give back. My apologies to Her Royal Highness."

- That one.

I really don't want to apologize.

I wonder if it's sad, this still turns out that as someone who got involved with Kensei, he's not sincerely apologizing.

"It's really bad, it's Lion."

That's what I walked up to - Altro, the famous master of swords.

He is the descendant of a famous family who has been striking his best sword at the Makuba family for generations.

"I told you. At that rate, the McBa family is sure to decline."

"I don't have any words to give back. My apologies to Lord Altro."

You see.

I don't feel sincere at all as I run my mouth about apologizing to Ray.


Did Altro feel that, too, just like an angry mind?


When I cough, Father again - no, I walk over to Lyon.

"By the way... what are we both doing here? Frankly, I don't even want to see your face anymore."

Assuming it's too light a tone against Kensei, but it won't be a problem. For once, blood is connected, and I don't feel like respecting it.


Lion looks up at me again. [M]

"Arios?... I have heard plenty of work in the Arceus Salvation Party. As long as I'm happy as I was once involved."

"Thanks for that."

"I hear there's been a lot of B-rank adventurers around, huh? You've grown to the point of not pulling your senior's legs."


Do you doubt it or don't you want to believe it?

Lion seems to see the recent Ajit repression in a negative direction.


What I disagreed with that was still the little girl I helped then.

"Mr. Arios did a great job! You saved me the fastest!


Lion's eyes narrow.

The frown moved tingly.

"Wait, Arios. You know what you're doing..."

"What's wrong?"

"No... nothing. There's no way that's possible."

You seem to have self resolved on your own.

I don't know.

"Whatever, will you leave me alone? I don't want to talk to you."

"... that weak man is what I started to say"

When Lion distorted the edge of his mouth, he had offered a piece of paper from his nostalgia.

"This is

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