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Yuya gives a barbaric voice.

You seem surprised in a different way than just now.

"Mr. Arios...? What the hell..."


To be honest, I was surprised, too.

Designated a monster - giant oak. That is, a horrible demon whose A-rank adventurer is no match for even the three of us.

I can't believe how easy it is to push down such a monster.

Again, this ability is beyond the normal scope of "Attack Up (Small)". It's getting too strong.


Not if you're stuck in your thoughts.

The first step is to take care of the wounded. Giant oak is falling now is your chance.

"Are you all right? Are you conscious?

Run over to the female adventurer and speak on one knee.


Seems conscious.

But it is a dangerous condition.

Leave it like this - worst of all, it would be life-threatening.

"Excuse me!

I hurry to remove the elixir from the porch and pour the contents into the mouth of the adventurer.


It is a rare product that heals your body's wounds immediately.

It was something Ray snuck up on me before I headed to the battlefield.

A rare elixir is not a delicious thing to use, but you can't just kill people.


A female adventurer who opens her eyes slightly.

Drinking elixir must have suddenly cleared my consciousness.

"Yes, it doesn't hurt...? You could have just given me a drink..."

"Yeah, I'm Elixir."

"Oh, no... something for me... sorry..."


The voice of the female adventurer was dismissed along the way.

Because an angry giant oak has blown a vicious growl (like this). To its sound pressure, it looks like it has no heart or even distorted the surrounding space.

This is - you're a lot angry.

There's only one eye running blood.

"Huh...! You monster...!

Female adventurers sit back and distance themselves from the giant oak as they cautioned.

That's before her, I take a step forward.

"You must go to the rescue of your companions. This guy... I'll fight alone."

"Hey, what!!

A female adventurer opened her eyes wide.

"I know you're strong! But he's a monster, too! Exactly. I can't do it alone!

"... so you fight as you go? With that sword (...)"

Hilariously, I send my gaze to her sword.

I don't know what to say, but it was pretty lame.

It's due to the battle with the Giant Oak, or the cutting edge is completely broken. That won't do any decent damage.

"... ugh"

Exhale as the female adventurer perceived it.

"... had you been noticed? I was going to hide it."

"Well, if that's about it"

For once, I was about to go down the sword path. We need to figure this out.

"It's okay. I don't want to die either. I'll try to get you out of here somehow."

"... Really?"

The female adventurer returns her broken sword to her sheath and looks me straight in the eye.

"Tell me at the end. Brave swordsman, give me your name."

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