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When I breathe in, I confront Vanita Sloa again.

The strength of the opponent is unknown.

Still, you can't lose.


Seen, most spectators had begun evacuation.

They were all there for me.

Never lose, come on -.

You can't betray this expectation.

On the other hand, some offered to cooperate with me without fleeing Vanitasloa.

"Mr. Arios!

"We'll join you!

A-rank adventurer Kaya.

Yuya the b-rank adventurer.

An old man who is a C-rank adventurer and once flew ramblings at me.

And - Raimira Li Arceus.


Ray held my hands tight as I opened my eyes.

"He said he couldn't let Arios alone play a dangerous role! We'll work together here, so let's all win!


How many times have I been healed by the warmth of my hand?

"That's right! Even I don't like not being helped!

Kaya also sets up her sword with a bitter smile.

You must have lost your sword in the Giant Oak battle, but it looks like your new sword has already been procured.

"I'll let you do the best I can. Arios, I can't let you carry the burden."

To say that is Yuya, a b-rank adventurer. He seems to have come all the way out here to support this duel, too.

"Master Arios' crisis is also mine! When Master Arios dies, so do I.!!

As usual, it's the old adventurer in the example who's saying things that don't make sense. Even now, he called his name Lassen.

"Guys...... thanks"

Vanita Sloa is a dangerous opponent, but he must have no more problems than halving his offense.


When I gently activate Cheat Code Operation, I select Rewrite Target Attack (Small).

This ability can reduce the attack power of any opponent - but it's not the only one.

It can also be enhanced.

I increased Ray, Kaya, Yuya, and Lassen's attack by four times each.


"The power...?

"What is this... eh"

I say to each of my friends with a bewildered look on their face, I say it with a true face.

"I've quadrupled everyone's offense. I'm sure you'll win this one."

"Four times what... was Mr. Arios a high-ranking magician?"

Kaya utters a frightening voice.

"Excellent! That's my dear Arios!!

"You are... really off track"

Lassen and Yuya also uttered their thoughts.

"Ugh... because this is Arios. I'm not an off-the-shelf skill holder... a true sword saint"

Ray also says with an angel smile on his face.

... I feel like I've been lifted very much, but not yet.

Unknown demon, Vanita Sloa.

We need to focus on fighting him now.

"Let's go, guys! Absolutely - take down that monster!!

"" Ooh!

My friends responded well to my call.

Meanwhile, around that time.

Sword Saint Lyon Makuba could not hide his gaze.

Suddenly appeared, a mysterious big fat ass.

Not a demon I've actually fought, but as a sword saint, I got intuitive somehow.

He's strong.

If you're too strong.

So I was o

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