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Roel didn’t think that it was right for him to allow Nora to take sole responsibility for this matter. He was equally guilty. In truth, it should have been the three of them—Nora, Bron, and Roel—forming three separate factions to lead the youths, but due to the negligence of two of the parties, as well the Elrics’ intentional scheming, it eventually led to the rise of the Elric Youth Faction.

Having thought through this matter, he began to counsel Nora.

“I do have a part to play in this matter too. If I hadn’t fallen ill the previous year, things wouldn’t have turned out like this. It’s not your sole mistake, so you need not blame yourself over much.”


Roel’s words didn’t receive any response at all. He waited for two whole seconds before he turned to direct a puzzled look at Nora.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you responding?”

“No, it’s nothing much. I’m just a little surprised. I didn’t think that you would console me.”

“… I’m just speaking the truth.”

Nora’s sapphire eyes stared deeply into Roel’s golden ones as she tried to peer through the inner thoughts in his mind. There was always an indescribable contradiction behind Roel’s actions. His actions and behaviors showed that he carried no ill-will for her. In fact, she believed that he had a high opinion of her. Yet, for some reason, there seemed to be an inexplicable distance separating the two of them.

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What is the reason behind this?

As Little Miss Angel pondered over this question, she suddenly seemed to have found yet another spark of joy in Roel.

(Affection Points +100!)

“By the way, where’s Alicia? I thought that she would have accompanied you. Is she resting?”

Nora casually glanced around the room as she dropped this question, only to be surprised by Roel’s silence. It took a while before the latter finally squeezed out a bitter response.

“Alicia is currently taking home economics classes. I didn’t ask her for details. Ha. Haha.”

Thinking about the ‘bridal studies’ that Alicia was currently going through, Roel let out a series of strained laughter. That brought a doubtful look to Nora’s face. Even from the perspective of an outsider, she could tell that Alicia was very fond of Roel, so it didn’t seem likely that she would choose her lessons over accompanying him.

Wait a moment. Now that I think of it, while I was passing through the foyer earlier, I noticed a series of sparks of magic spells coming from the southwest room… I see. Is she practicing?

Comprehension flickered across Nora’s eyes. She took a look at the forlorn Roel sitting before her and, after some thought, eventually shook her head.

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Forget it. It’ll be better for the person-in-question to explain it herself. It’s bad manners to interfere in the relations of others. Besides, it’s not to my advantage either…

Nora sho

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