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“What’s so bad about succumbing? Who knows, it might lead you to happiness.”

Roel shook his head in response to Nora’s efforts to tempt him.

“Perhaps so, but there are many different types of happiness in this world. The happiness I wish for is one that I grasp hold of myself. Happiness bestowed might be convenient, but it’s easily lost too.”

“You know that I’m not that kind of person.”

“… There are always circumstances where a person is forced to make a choice.”

“Hmm, what you said makes sense too… Looks like I’ve failed to tempt you once again. You really know how to crush my confidence.”

Nora straightened her body upward as she sighed softly, revealing the expression of a child throwing a tantrum at not having obtained a new toy, but soon, her lips curled up once more.

“While you have rejected me, I must say that the reason you have given me is quite satisfactory.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Speaking of which… did you come all the way here just to tell me these things?”

“That’s not it. I’m here to deliver a gift to you. You can think of it as a token of gratitude from the royal family.”

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“A token of gratitude?”

You are giving me a gift for fighting on your birthday? Dear goodness, are you an angel? Oh wait, you are…

Roel thought as Nora turned around to take out a gift box.

“Shall I open it? Or would you prefer to do it yourself?”

“You can open it.”

Roel looked at the long wooden box in Nora’s hand. It was a black box crafted out of resilient black ironwood. It typically wouldn’t be used as a gift box because it was too heavy.

The toughness of black ironwood was comparable to steel, but its density surpassed it. Even though Nora was able to hold it easily with a single hand, an ordinary human would probably struggle to carry it even with both.

Just what in the world could it be?

Nora smiled. Before Roel’s expectant eyes, she lightly pulled away the ribbon wrapped around the heavy wooden box before prying it open. Roel immediately saw a sharp flash of light burst forth, causing his eyes to hurt a little.

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Unable to withhold his curiosity, he stood up and walked closer to take a look.

The exterior of the box looked humble, but its interior was surprisingly magnificent. There was a painting at the center of the box, depicting an angel standing with closed eyes, emanating holy light. There were armed men gathered around the angel as they faced the darkness surrounding them.

Yeap, it was likely to be some sort of mythical painting, but Roel couldn’t recall what the story behind it was on the spot. That was not important anyway. What was important right now was the metallic item wrapped amidst a white silk cloth sitting inside the box.

“This is a… short sword? Wait a moment, could this be…”

“Yes, it’s Saint’s Blade—Twelve Wings, Ascendwing.”


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