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Chapter 58: Perhaps It’s Fate

Saint Faron Church.

This was an old building with several centuries of history behind it. It should have looked a little weathered, but to Roel’s surprise, it looked tremendously resplendent and beautiful.

There was a brilliant source of illumination within that was as stable as the light bulbs in his previous world, allowing those walking through the corridors to marvel at the uncountable murals covering the walls and ceiling alike.

Roel’s understanding of the Genesis Goddess Church was still quite limited, so he couldn’t understand a lot of the depictions in the murals. Nevertheless, as a noble, he had come into contact with a lot of artwork ever since his younger years, which cultivated his appreciation for fine works. In his view, these murals were wonderfully exquisite, and many of them were indubitably the magnum opus of famed painters.

For so many masterpieces to be placed side by side with one another, it was definitely a haven for art lovers.

This was a testament to the long history behind the church, as well as the influence it commanded. It demanded deference from those who stepped through its doors.

Under the lead of the church’s staff, Roel was brought to the assembly hall… and he suddenly found himself left all alone there.

It was not that the church’s staff were intentionally snubbing him, but they were simply too busy preparing to receive the crowd for the prayers, and the severe lack of manpower wasn’t helping at all. Left with no choice, Roel simply took a look around the church by himself for an hour before he finally went to meet Holy Eminence John Xeclyde.

John Xeclyde was a white-haired old man who looked surprisingly unkempt, even though that was just by the standards of the more straight-laced nobles. In terms of appearance, he looked no different from any of the citizens he met outside the church earlier. However, if one were to take a closer look, one would realize that despite the lack of a smile on his face, he still gave off an air of benevolence.

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Wearing a set of white holy robes, he sat upon a stone chair placed atop a red carpet. The illumination in the room was slightly dim, but it somehow felt like the light that was there was focused on the man. It was a mysterious feeling, indescribable by words. It was almost as if meeting a character who had walked straight out of an epic saga.

However, Roel knew the reason behind this feeling.

Origin Attribute Compassion.

This was one of the Origin Attributes that had remained firmly under the control of the Xeclyde House since ancient times. Carter once told him that a high-level transcendent of Compassion would appear like a sage before the eyes of mortals, while lies and sins couldn’t hope to deceive his eyes.

“Roel Ascart from the Ascart House pays respects to Your Eminence. It’s my deepest pleasure to meet you.”

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