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Two fair fingers held onto a light red candy that glowed brightly in the darkness.

Nora sat with her slender legs crossed, her fair skin veiled by a thin layer of black silk, looking like a piece of art. Her blushing cheeks and glinting eyes revealed the excitement pounding in the depths of her heart. Even her lips were curled up in mischief.

She was truly beautiful.

Looking at her under the dim illumination, Roel couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva. Nora did have a fatally seductive charm, and there was no question that she was good to Roel.

After all, in the original story, Nora told the main character, who was the prince of an empire, to lick her shoes. Just to emphasize once more, it was not even her legs but her shoes. But over here, she allowed Roel to lick her fingers. It was obviously preferential treatment… somewhat.

Was Roel moved?

Looking at the beauty who was tempting him like the snake in Eden’s Garden, it would be a lie if Roel said that he wasn’t moved… It was tempting to get close to Nora, but it would be a catastrophe for a villain like him!

Roel hadn’t forgotten what his current position was. He was still in the midst of pulling out his death flags, so he was compelled to make different decisions from the original Roel. It was always better to be on the safer side.

“You can keep it. I’m not going to eat it.”

Roel turned his head away as he replied with an impassive tone. Not understanding Roel’s reaction, Nora frowned in incomprehension.

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“Why? You obviously look very moved.”

“Haa? Who are you saying is moved? Stop talking nonsense. Besides, did you even wash your hands? I’m not fond of eating things that others have held in their hands.”

“Of course I’ve washed my hands! Are you really not going to eat it?”


Roel’s response displeased Little Miss Angel. She began complaining under her breath.

“I don’t understand. Why are you so opposed to me? You wouldn’t even eat the sweet that I unwrapped for you.”

“Is the main point the sweet? You just want to see me lick the sweet because it’s in your hand!”

Roel’s accusations brought a slight hint of embarrassment to Nora’s face. She quickly averted her eyes.

“S-sweets are important! They are blessings for the new year!”

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“Then why don’t you give them to me directly?”

“Hm? Mister Roel, are your hands clean? Somehow, I seem to recall that you are a person who is obsessed with hygiene.”

Nora mocked him with his own words. Roel could only awkwardly retract his already outstretched hand.

“You can wrap the wrapper around the sweet first, before passing it to me.”

“I’ve already thrown away the wrapper.”

“Toss it directly into my mouth then.”

“… Huh?”

“You’re already at Origin Level 5, but you can’t even aim a throw properly?”

“Tsk. Fine. Open your mouth wide then.”

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