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Chapter 67: The Path of Justice

Caras’ voice echoed loudly within the massive hall, but what awaited him wasn’t the words of approval he expected but a lengthy silence. While he hadn’t explicitly mentioned what that incident referred to, Holy Eminence John still understood what he was referring to.

Within Holy Capital Loren, there was no transcendent who could escape from John’s eyes and defy his will. He was fully aware of everything that was going on. This was also the reason why Carter felt assured leaving Roel alone in the capital.

Needless to say, the Mythril Priory knew it too, which was why they had headed over to negotiate with John on this matter. They hoped to obtain John’s implicit approval by offering him benefits that he couldn’t reject.

“We won’t hurt the offspring of the Xeclydes, and we dare not do so either. We can give you our assurance on that. We also understand the current political situation in the Theocracy, so we have already made preparations for the cleanup. Roel Ascart will not die in Loren. Everything is nothing more than an accident. The Ascart House will not be able to find any evidence to hold against the royal family.

“If you are still worried about that, we can even help you hold back the Elric House to a certain degree. At the very least, we’ll be able to buy ten years for the royal family.

“Our target is not the Ascart House but the prophesied son. The current patriarch of the Ascart House, Carter Ascart, is still in his prime, and he still has the ability to pass down his bloodline. The Ascart House will not be without a successor. Chaos and imbalance will also not occur amongst the Five Eminent Noble Houses.”

Caras’ respectful and humble voice echoed loudly in the hall.

Without a doubt, the Mythril Priory had made ample preparations for this operation. The cleanup they had proposed was near perfect, such that any negative influence on the Theocracy would be reduced to the very minimum. On the contrary, the Theocracy and the royal family had much to earn from accepting this deal.

Any rational man would know what to choose after weighing the pros and cons, not to mention that the Xeclydes was a massive noble house. Caras was still very confident in the terms that their Mythril Priory had offered.

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It was true that John Xeclyde was the Holy Eminence, but more than that, he was also the patriarch of the Xeclyde House.

A noble house couldn’t just survive on one’s hot-bloodedness and emotions. More often than not, it was the composure and rationality to make the hard choices that maximized the house’s interests and brought about the best outcome. Such choices came at a cost. Sometimes, it meant fracturing kinship and severing friendship.

If one thought that serving as the patriarch of a noble house was just playing house, one couldn’t be more mistaken.

A patriarch’s sole responsibility was to develop his house and bulk up i

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