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Nora Xeclyde glanced at the devastated body of the black-haired boy behind her with a conflicted look on her face. She spoke words only she and Roel could hear.

“I do want to see you troubled and helpless, but seeing you reveal such an expression toward another person really does displease me.”

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“Just what kind of eccentric possessiveness is it that you have there?”

“Probably loathing toward those who fiddle with my toy?”

“… Tsk, you are beyond cure.”

“Beyond cure? Perhaps so, but now…”

Nora’s lips had inched upward a little out of amusement from the short conversation she had with Roel, but in the next moment, as she turned her head around, all that was left was chilling displeasure.

“Is there anything else that you need here?”

“… Your Highness, I apologize for my rudeness, but this is a personal affair between us and him.”

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The boy leading the pack glanced at the pitiful state that Bron was in, and the fear rising from the depths of his heart told him that he had to at least attempt something here. Otherwise, he would be caught by Bron’s wrath in the aftermath of this incident.

There’s a common saying amongst those trapped in bureaucracy, ‘my subordinate’s subordinate is not my subordinate’. As high as Nora’s standing was, as formidable as the royal family was, they were not the ones in direct command of the young nobles gathered here.

“We don’t have any intention of disrespecting you. We just wish to exact vengeance for our friends.”

“Yes, that’s right. We are only looking for that boy behind you!”

“Oh, is that so?”

Nora coldly eyed the noisy bunch of misfits standing before her before glancing at the other ten incapacitated children and Bron. Then, she nodded empathetically and smiled.

“I see. It’s a really touching friendship that you have over here. Bron Elric sure has a lot of friends around. Unknowingly, he has already befriended so many young nobles in our Theocracy.”

The brighter Nora’s smile grew, the more hostile her gaze became. This bunch of fools thought that they were discreet in amassing a bit of clout and building up their faction, but Nora had already long found out about this so-called ‘Elric Youth Faction’ from the royal intelligence reports.

There was no royal family that could possibly tolerate their subordinates building up their own large factions and amassing great influence, let alone something that aimed to involve an entire generation of noble subjects.

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Nora turned around, bent over, and looked Roel in the eye.

“In contrast, Mister Roel Ascart over here appears to be quite miserable by comparison. It seems like I’m the only friend that you have here.”

“… But you aren’t my wuuu —!”

Roel’s attempted rejection was thwarted by a palm covering his mouth.

“Even though it’s adorable to see you talkin

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