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Chapter 48: An Unfulfilled Prophecy

Deep in the night, Bryan Elric walked down the corridor of the Elric House’s mansion in the Holy Capital. In this silent building, his footsteps echoed particularly loudly. Moonlight shone through the window to cast its cold light upon his body, making him appear even more chilling.

At the end of the corridor, Bryan took out a key, opened a door, and walked in. Beyond the door stood the item that he was looking for—a mercury mirror.

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This mirror was around the height of a human, and it was designed in a manner that made it look like a door that one could pass through.

And that was how it was intended to be used too.

Bryan stood before the mirror and looked at his calm yet slightly livid expression. He raised his hand and knocked on the mirror.

“Lybit, open the door.”

There was a slight ripple on the surface of the mirror before an eye suddenly materialized in the middle of the mirror. The eye turned to look at Bryan before dissipating.

Following that, powerful pulsations of mana emanated from the mirror before it suddenly swung open like a door, revealing a hunched old man holding a key in his hand.

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The hunched old man bowed deeply to Bryan.

“Welcome back, vice guild leader.”


Bryan nodded quietly to acknowledge the greeting before walking through the mirror door. The scenery around him swiftly changed into that of a dark castle.

Connoisseur Guild Saint Mesit Theocracy Headquarters—this was the name of the castle that was permanently submerged in darkness. It was the cradle of a bunch of lunatics who were obsessed with ‘art’.

“The Collector… I’m referring to the guild leader, is he here yet?”

“Yes yes, he’s already here. However, you have arrived late. We just finished an auction.

The hunched old man followed Bryan’s footsteps as he explained with a subservient smile, hoping that he could catch the eye of this enigmatic vice guild leader with his words. That being said, he didn’t bear much expectation.

To his surprise though, it appeared that Bryan did have an order for him to handle.

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“My bloodline, ten years old. He has lost a bit of blood. To what extent will you be able to do it if I were to entrust him to you?”

“Ten years old? A boy?”


“Please allow me some time to think about it. Er… If the corpse is still intact, I should be able to get 20 more years for you with my skills!” replied the hunched old man with a fawning chuckle.

Bryan looked at the hunched old man impassively for a moment before nodding his head.

“Very well, I’ll leave it to you from now on then. You’ll be satisfied with the payment.”

“Hehehe, I won’t disappoint you!

“Are you done speaking? I have a meeting with the guild leader to attend.”

“Yes yes, I’m done. Please go on ahead!”

The sour

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