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[¹] This is how the joke goes:

A person was hosting a party. It was already beyond the time they had agreed on, but over half of the guests hadn’t arrived yet. As a result, the host was feeling very anxious inside. So, he remarked.

“Why aren’t those who are supposed to be here, here?”

A few sensitive guests, after hearing those words, thought to themselves, ‘You’re saying that we aren’t supposed to be here then?’ So, they discreetly left the party.

Seeing that some of the guests were leaving, the host grew even more anxious, and he exclaimed.

“Why are the guests, who aren’t supposed to be leaving, leaving?”

The remaining guests heard those words and thought to themselves, ‘You’re saying that we are the ones who are supposed to be leaving then?’ So, they left the party too.

In the end, the only ones left at the party were the host and a few of his closer friends. One of the friends stepped forward and told him.

“You should think before you speak. It’s hard to take back your words once you have spoken.”

The indignant host exclaimed in response.

“I wasn’t asking them to leave!”

The remaining friends flew into a rage upon hearing those words and bellowed

“So you’re asking us to leave then!”

After saying those words, they turned around and left in a huff.

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