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It was a sharp cracking sound, something that had echoed many times earlier in this room, but it was different this time around. A neck had just been snapped.

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“In the name of great Sia, what are you doing?!”

Screams and horrified exclamations sounded in the air.

Everyone who was infuriated at Bron a moment ago was completely stunned. Prince Kane had a look of disbelief on his face. Carter hurriedly covered Alicia’s eyes. Nora had a rare frown on her face. Roel looked at the man who shared the same green eyes with Bron as he felt a chill running down his spine.

No one could have thought that Count Bryan had stepped forward, not to save his son, but to snap his neck with a single strike.

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This man is vicious.

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Roel’s complexion slowly turned awful.

Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t the old one stand forward after the young one failed? That would have given Carter and Kane the justification to condemn the Elric House and make them suffer a heavy price for their actions. Yet, this fellow wasn’t going by the script!

Roel looked at the golden-haired count before him, and the latter also happened to turn his head over at the moment, resulting in their gazes meeting one another mid-air. Roel immediately felt his body turning cold, as if he was being stared down by a venomous snake.

“Bryan, what are you doing?”

Sensing that Count Bryan was assessing Roel, Carter stepped forward right away to shelter his child behind him, as he narrowed his eyes in hostility. On the other hand, Bryan was silent for a moment before he answered calmly.

“Nothing much. I’m just taking a look at the young man who stopped Bron’s foolishness.”

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Following that, he turned to face the surrounding crowd and spoke up loudly.

“I sincerely apologize on behalf of the Elric House for everything that has happened here. It’s my failure to discipline my children that led to this situation. I have punished Bron for his actions, and we’ll make sure to compensate Miss Alicia for the suffering she has been put through. I ask for your understanding.”

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The entire room fell silent after Bryan’s declaration. The sight of him killing his own son left the nobles feeling disconcerted. The military officials, including Kane and Carter, looked at the dead Bron and found themselves unable to say anything either.

Noticing the lack of opposition, Bryan walked up to Nora to speak to her.

“Your Highness Nora, I am deeply apologetic to have caused such a scandal on your birthday. I humbly ask for your forgiveness.”

“Count Bryan, you need not act in such a manner. You have dealt with this matter well.”

Nora’s insincere compliment was dripping with sarcasm, but Bryan feigned ignorance to it.

“Your Highness

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