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Have you ever put your life on the line for another person?

When Roel first saw this question on a social media platform in his previous life, he was rendered speechless.

Bro, open your eyes and look at the era we’re living in! Who are you even going to pit your life against?

In the modern era, where the pen was much mightier than the sword, physical brawls had become extremely rare, let alone life and death battles. This was even more so in first world countries. One could get stopped by uniformed uncles just by strolling around with a knife in hand!

Roel scoffed at the question, thinking that there would never be a day where he would have to put his life on the line for another person, at least till now.

In the original storyline, the suffering that Alicia went through under Bron fractured the relations between Alicia and Roel, planting an unshakable death flag for him there. However, since he had intervened this time around, the situation should be different from before.

That being said, the price paid for the intervention was really not to be scoffed at.

After knocking out 12 opponents, Roel’s left hand was burned and his right hand suffered a deep cut. His arms and knees were mashed up, and several of his ribs had fractured. While the wound in his stomach wasn’t fatal, it was still quite deep. Aside from these major injuries, his body was also covered with cuts and abrasions. Plenty of blood had been lost too.

In the end, Roel’s body couldn’t take it any longer and he passed out. Were it not for the existence of transcendental abilities in this world, he would have been bedridden for a very long time.

“Ah, ah. Ouch ouch ouch…”

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On top of a bed, an unconscious black-haired boy was rudely awoken by all the aching pains coming from his body. Even before opening his eyes, he was already groaning in agony. His body moved instinctively in response to his misery and one of his wounds was pulled at, jolting him fully awake in an instant.

With a sharp intake of breath between clenched teeth, Roel opened his eyes. He immediately began scanning his surroundings. The ceiling was quite beautiful with a mural depicting a holy maiden, a fashion trend from a hundred years ago. There were also many decorative ornaments and artworks hanging on the walls. The red carpet and the vibrant-colored furniture in the room looked pretty lavish.

This was a room inside the Labyrinth Villa.

The familiar environment set Roel’s heart at ease. It was then that he noticed a girl sitting beside him.

Silver hair flowed down her shoulders. She had a face that was beautiful yet aloof, giving off the impression that she was unapproachable. She was currently dozing lightly on a chair beside the bed. Her tranquil sleeping face softened the coldness of her features, giving it an adorable touch instead. It made Roel’s heart pound a little.

This lass is really getting more and more bea

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